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Who we are. What we strive for. What our mission is.
Founded in May 1999, 2xzone.com (2X Wrestling Zone) began as a professional wrestling news website covering WWF, WCW, and ECW. Over the years we have expanded our coverage to TNA, Ring of Honor, Independent Wrestling promotions, and Mixed Martial Arts.

We pride ourselves on not only bringing you the latest, most accurate news, but also television show, house show, and pay-per-view results, opinionated blogs, superstar interviews, television ratings, videos, and an almanac of wrestling history.

Our mission is to serve two types of readers:

1) The nostalgic pro wrestling fan who wants to re-live wrestling's past
from Hulk Hogan's body slam of Andre The Giant, to the WWF Attitude Era, to the Extreme Championship Wrestling Renaissance with videos, photos, and an archive of past events.

2) The pro wrestling fan of today who requires the latest backstage news and rumors on the current world of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.

We strive to provide pro wrestling and mixed martial arts fans with the latest content that they want and need. If you have suggestions on how we can improve 2xzone.com please contact us at twoxzone@2xzone.com.