EXCLUSIVE: Luke Hawx Talks His Extreme Rising Title Controversy, Matt Hardy,More

Independent Wrestling and former TNA superstar “The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx talks about his controversial Extreme Rising Title victory and his take on how it all went down, His major feud with Matt Hardy, His stint in XPW and MTV’s Wrestling Society X, What it was really like to work at TNA, Being ‘On Call” For WWE whenever they need a guy, Working WrestleMania Weekend, WildKat Sports, and much more!

You can listen to our full interview with Luke Hawx below:

You can watch the full ECWA match which includes the controversial Extreme Rising Title victory ending below:

Our interview with Luke was originally recorded in March, since then he's been no short of controversial as he's actually decided to leave the Extreme Rising organization due to differences with promoter Steve O'Neil. He has now been booked on Hardcore Roadtrip's next show in Ontario, Canada on April 26th.

You can check out his latest recorded promo on the topic (recorded in April) below:

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