Reaction Zone - A championship disgrace

I read the results of No Mercy, and, well, I'd say I am more than a little disgusted with the Intercontinental title match between Miz and Jason Jordan.

The fans have turned on Jordan quicker than they've turned on anyone else of late, not buying into the storyline that he's Kurt Angle's illegitimate son. Been there, seen that, don't want to go through it again, they say. It's not helping that No Mercy was in LA, where Miz makes his home and was the rare case of getting the W with the home field advantage intact, even though he cheated to get there.

The Miztourage have no manager's licenses. Uncreative doesn't care. The gimmick was created in answer to Jinder Mahal having the Singh brothers doing his dirty work over on Smackdown, and Vince McMahon is unwilling to do the right thing creatively and penalize Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel for their actions any more than the Singhs get slaps on the wrist for their repeated violations.

That, friends, is called lazy writing.

This, then, is how we fix the IC title match:

Ref is distracted by Dallas. Axel gets in a cheap shot, setting up the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz retains. But, wait.......

An angry Angle makes his way down, and confers with the referee and ring announcer JoJo Offerman. JoJo then announces that the pin doesn't count, and that the match must continue, with Dallas & Axel ejected from the arena. If Miz refuses to continue, he is disqualified, and will forfeit the title. The Miztourage is sent to the back by security. The match continues, and while Jordan gets a couple of near falls, Miz uses a blatant low blow in front of the ref, and is DQ'd anyway.

For Raw: Angle announces a rematch will take place as the main event, and Dustin Rhodes, aka Goldust, will be the special referee. Goldust himself is a multi-time IC champion, but Angle is counting on Rhodes' size being a factor. It is announced that the Miztourage have been suspended for 30 days for their actions at No Mercy, and a DQ levied against Miz here would result in his losing the title. Now, Miz is all alone.

Dustin calls it down the middle, and Miz retains cleanly this time with the SCF.

Angle comes out, satisfied. Maybe Jason was rushed into a title shot, and the fans know that. However, going forward, the Miz must defend the IC title every week until he loses the title. Not only that, but Rhodes gets the next shot. As a former IC champ himself, Angle knows Miz is disrespecting the title by being over-reliant on the Miztourage, and is challenging Miz to be a "real champion".

This allows Jordan to go back to the bottom and start over, working his way back into title contention, as well as the good graces of the fans. There'll be another time for him.

To me, the end game here would be Angle resigning as GM and taking the title from Miz himself, to teach Miz a lesson in respect for the title. I think the Miztourage breaks up before Wrestlemania, as well, leaving Miz all alone, depending on when Maryse returns from extended maternity leave. Factor in former champs like Rhodes, R-Truth, the Hardys, and current tag champ Dean Ambrose on the face side, and Sheamus on the heel side, along with Axel, and Miz has a gauntlet to overcome to get over as IC champ.

So, in this context, my message to Vince McMahon and his Uncreative team is this. Stop being lazy with the IC title. Put Miz TV on ice indefinitely, and make Miz work to earn the right to be IC champ. Period.

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