Reaction Zone - A good idea ruined

I was going to finish the Achievement Awards today, but after what went down on Smackdown, I felt I had to put that aside (it'll get done before the new year begins) and focus on something a little more urgent.

That would be La Luchadora.

8 days ago on Smackdown, Becky Lynch adopted the identity of a masked female from Mexico to trick Alexa Bliss into granting a rematch for the women's title. That was all well and good, and by all rights, La Luchadora should've been a one-off gimmick that served its purpose.

Unfortunately, someone had other ideas, and I think you know who I mean.

Flash forward to this week's Smackdown, the second half of a 2-night run in Chicago for WWE-TV. Bliss vs. Lynch was the middle of the three title matches on the card. Logic had already suggested that since American Alpha had wrested the tag titles away from the Wyatt Family, and since there was no way AJ Styles would lose the World title (and he didn't), Bliss was retaining here, since it was too soon to flip the title back, and Smackdown didn't want to have the same problems with the women's division that Raw has had of late.

So what happened? Stupidity happened, that's what.

Just when it looked like Lynch was on the verge of regaining her lost gold, another woman dressed as La Luchadora came down....and attacked Lynch, enabling Bliss to retain after a simple DDT instead of her Twisted Bliss finisher.

This twist did what it set out to do, get people talking, trying to decipher who was under the mask this time. The suspects range from Naomi (out with an ankle injury), who I doubt would be turned heel so soon, since the blue brand is weak on the face side in terms of the ladies as it is, to one of her ex-partners, Tamina Snuka (also on the DL but reportedly on her way back) to even a former women's champ in Mickie James, who is due to return to the main roster next month.

One commentator on the Lords of Pain site suggested that it might be Eva Marie, who's been out making movies and other excuses for not competing. Idle, albeit unfounded, speculation suggested reporter Charly Caruso. In the words of the late Gorilla Monsoon, highly unlikely.

I don't think they'd waste Mickie's return to the main roster after nearly 7 years away by having her go undercover and be a heel. Not going to happen. The fact that La Luchadora is supposedly from Mexico would rightfully rule out Naomi & Tamina, although one of them could've been used as a stand-by to hold until Uncreative figures out who would be finally revealed. The Latina angle would suggest Eva Marie to set up a feud with fellow redhead Lynch, as Eva had wimped out of matches with Becky before leaving to make movies.

Who do we blame? Who else? Vince McMahon, of course, who can't leave anything well enough alone just so he can screw with the audience's collective intelligence. He is deranged, after all.

Bliss sold the surprise as well as could be expected, but she's not long for the championship, I assure you. She'll hold on until at least Wrestlemania. Once Mickie returns, since she already put over Asuka in NXT, she'll likely be fed to Bliss, probably no later than not Royal Rumble (which would be too soon), but a Smackdown-only event in February, so she's out. Using her in this spot would be a mistake, but then we know how petty McMahon can be, don't we, kids? Considering how Mickie was bum-rushed out in 2010, and that McMahon does hold grudges of a sort....!

Roughly translated, this plot twist was a waste of time, and a lame excuse to protect Bliss at all costs. Congratulations, Vince, you've screwed up again.

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