Reaction Zone - A matter of karma

A week ago, I wrote that WWE would be well served to send Eva Marie back to NXT for more seasoning, rather than continue delaying her return to in-ring action as a member of the Smackdown roster.

On this week's show, color commentator David Otunga spoke for all of us when he came right out and said that Eva was stalling when she, through her personal, anonymous announcer, claimed that she was "stuck in traffic", only to show up a short time later to disrupt a women's tag team match involving Becky Lynch. Naomi, Eva's scheduled opponent, took exception and chased Eva into the ring, which led to what would be a 6-woman tag for Summerslam.

Unfortunately, less than 48 hours later, Eva joined Alberto Del Rio & Paige on the suspended list after getting popped for violating the Wellness Policy. WWE would like you to think they don't know how to fill the vacancy created in the tag team match on Sunday. As usual, they dismiss you and I as being ignorant, when it's hardly the case.

I'll get to the solution in a moment. First, though, I need to address the situation with Eva "All Red Nothing" Marie.

I chalk this up to a little bit of karma. The storyline isn't exactly hitching up ratings points, as Eva has all the charm of a thorn bush. The prima donna act wore thin last week, and a blind man could see the story continue its course this week. With Eva gone until mid-September, Uncreative now has to go back to square one. Do they do the same thing they did with Roman Reigns, and have either Naomi or Becky or one of the other women address the issue on Sunday, branding Eva as "unreliable" because of recent events?

No. What has to happen is you scrap the gimmick altogether, as this suspension is reason enough to send Eva back to Full Sail University for a refresher course. It was DOA to begin with, and the only one who doesn't get that is, of course, the nutty professor himself, Vince McMahon. When Eva Marie returns, it won't be "All Red Everything". She'll be, as she should be, just another female superstar. Period. End of story.

As for Summerslam, filling the vacant slot in the tag team match is easier to figure. Assuming Emma isn't ready to return, the one sure thing would be to persuade Maryse Mizanin to come out of retirement, as I don't think she'd gone anywhere else after WWE let her go about 6 years ago, and returned to be a valet to her husband, the Miz. I can't see this being a handicap tag match at all.

Knowing Uncreative, of course, they're bound to screw up even the simplest of solutions. To borrow a line from "Forrest Gump", stupid is as stupid does, and that applies to both Uncreative and Eva Marie.

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