Reaction Zone - A pattern of reckless endangerment

Perhaps the only one who doesn't understand why Seth Rollins isn't the WWE's initial Universal champion after Summerslam is Rollins himself.

When a Hall of Famer and former World champion like Bret Hart rips into Rollins for being reckless, perhaps also careless, in the ring in matches where John Cena and Sting have been injured, the latter of which forced the 2016 Hall of Famer into retirement, it is cause for concern. And, yet, that concern was largely ignored at Summerslam. Yes, Finn Balor won the match and the Universal title, only to surrender the latter the next night on Raw due to a shoulder injury caused by guess who.

Compound that with a worked ankle injury for Sami Zayn on Raw, and viewers are painting an entirely different picture of the arrogant Rollins, and if they've been privy to Hart's comments before August 21-22, they realize now that Hart is absolutely right.

Remember, too, that Rollins himself is coming off a knee injury that sidelined him for most of the first half of this year, and may not be completely at 100% even now. On the air, he's still being treated as the golden child in the eyes of Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, who should know better, given what she's seen Rollins do last year to Cena & Sting. Of course, I blame her heel persona on her father, but that's another story. One must think now that Rollins was at less than 100% going into Summerslam, and Balor paid the price for Rollins' carelessness.

Think back to Raw. Balor had vacated the title in a classy, sportsmanlike manner, the way Edge and Batista had done in the past. He's not yet through the curtain when Rollins, ever the greedy, selfish opportunist, comes out hoping that the title would be turned over to him. Balor wasn't digging that and glared at Rollins. Their issue will resume as early as February, and probably by then, Rollins will have the title, but not just yet.

No, I don't see Rollins winning on the 8/29 Raw from Houston. After what happened in Brooklyn, he can't. That would send the wrong message. If Vince McMahon actually took a more realistic look at Rollins' body of work in the summer and fall of 2015, before Rollins himself went on the DL, he wouldn't be so quick to anoint Rollins as the #1 draft pick at last month's Brand Extension draft.

Instead, it will come down to Roman Reigns, in the midst of a redemption run, or Kevin Owens. Big Cass isn't ready. Rollins isn't deserving.

Then again, if McMahon had a clue, Rollins would've had a worse fate await him at Summerslam. It would've been him, not Randy Orton, taking 10 staples in the head after a brutal beatdown from Brock Lesnar. Considering that Lesnar's last match vs. Rollins didn't end with a clear decision, that was the match that should've been Summerslam's main event, so maybe Orton can also blame Rollins for what happened to him.

Sooner or later, Seth Rollins will end another wrestler's career. Again. Unless someone sends him back to school.

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