Reaction Zone - An epic feud in the works?

I'm not going to try to spoil anything about the Mae Young Classic, the women's tournament that was taped the last two nights at Full Sail University. Instead, I'd like to focus on a non-tournament development that may have wider-reaching implications.

What I will tell you is that Shayna Baszler, one of MMA's Four Horsewomen, was entered in the tournament. During a match against Mia Yim (formerly Jade in TNA), Baszler had a confrontation with WWE/NXT's Four Horsewomen. Well, three of them, anyway. Bayley, Becky Lynch, & Charlotte Flair were at ringside, with Sasha Banks watching via Face Time, since she was in Australia on a promo tour.

Think for a second. The rest of Baszler's group (Ronda Rousey, Jessalynn Duke, & Marina Shafir), were also present, on the other side of the arena. What if WWE signs all four of the MMA Horsewomen? Voila!! You have a ready-made feud that virtually writes itself.

Rousey, of course, is the most visible of the quartet, and is currently seen on ABC's "Battle of the Network Stars" (previously taped). Shafir has a WWE link in being engaged to NXT's Roderick Strong. Let's say Baszler wins the tournament, and the MMA Horsewomen are signed. You put Baszler & Rousey on Raw, Shafir & Duke on Smackdown. You don't need to involve anyone else but 8 women who are among the elite in their chosen professions.

In other words, this is a story that doesn't need Vince McMahon's leaden touch. This, instead, would be a test case for Triple H & Stephanie to prove what we've known for a while, that it's their time to be in charge of WWE. I'd not be surprised, though, if I were to read of any sort of creative follies in putting this together.

Two teams of Horsewomen, both of whom take their inspiration from Charlotte's father, 2-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair. If this isn't on the card at either Survivor Series (at the earliest) or Wrestlemania 34 (at the latest), well, we'll know who to blame, won't we?

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