Reaction Zone - Another bad career move

A few years ago, WWE had a heel stable that actually could've worked better than it did. Unfortunately, pairing Randy Orton with former tag team champions Ted DiBiase, Jr. & Cody Rhodes turned out to be a short-sighted creative proposition, as Legacy ended up getting into a protracted feud with Vince & Shane McMahon (Shane's last major feud before leaving at the end of 2009), Batista, and Triple H.

For a brief time, Afa, Jr., son of one of the original Wild Samoans, was brought aboard , and I think they also tried out Sim Snuka, Jimmy's son (Tamina's brother), formerly Deuce of Deuce & Domino (Cliff Compton had left WWE by that time), but both were gone in short order. The common bond was that these were 2nd or 3rd generation wrestlers banding together. At the time, Orton had been on the main roster going on 7 years, Rhodes for about 2, and DiBiase had been called up from developmental for less than a year. The foundation was there.

Unfortunately, after the Legacy-McMahon/Evolution feud ran its course, Orton broke away from Rhodes & DiBiase, and, well, I'm sure you know the rest of the story. Legacy was no more.

Warp to the present. The Miz recruited former Social Outcasts Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel to be his new running buddies in the wake of a temporary storyline split with wife Maryse. All this does is mirror what is going on over on Smackdown. Sub Miz for Jinder Mahal and Axel/Dallas for the Singh Brothers, and you get the idea. Seems Vince McMahon thinks that he can duplicate the success Mahal has gotten generating heel heat on Smackdown. What he's really doing is reinforcing the fact that 1) Miz is a lazy heel champion who can't win a match without help anymore, same as Mahal, and 2) Dallas & Axel are in the wrong gimmick.

Think about that last part. Here's a golden opportunity to, well, reinvent Legacy. Axel, like Orton, is a 3rd generation star, but has floundered creatively since Uncreative took Paul Heyman away from him. Dallas had been growing a beard like his brother, Bray Wyatt, trying to look meaner, and some thought that the brothers would be put together, since the Wyatt Family gimmick is all but dead, as a team. That could still happen.

Let's face it, even if Uncreative can't. Bray Wyatt's gimmick as a pseudo-god is losing steam. His acolytes have all split up, although I don't think anyone would be surprised if Braun Strowman tagged with Bray again shortly after returning just for fun, now that Wyatt is on Raw. Bo hasn't won any gold since being placed on the main roster for good. Axel is about 4 years removed from a IC title run. The character ID's are for marketing purposes, we all know that, but what's stopping them from banding these guys together under a common thread? Miz has nothing in common with Axel & Dallas. He's just using them to protect him from better opponents. Axel may have only had 1 run as IC champ, but he wore that title better than Miz has of late.

Miz claims to have raised the prestige of the IC title, which is total bollocks. His favorite tag team partner is really a mirror. His alliance with Axel & Dallas won't last.

For Curtis Axel, it's time to lose that ID. It's time Uncreative let him be Joseph Hennig. He's already made history in that he and his late father, Curt, aka Mr. Perfect, are the only father-son team to date to hold the IC title. Why waste that? Because Uncreative doesn't know how to address it, and, well, do I really need to rag on Vince again?

For Bo Dallas, and, for that matter, Bray Wyatt, I'd have them embrace their family legacy, too. Their father, Mike Rotundo, won 3-4 tag titles in 2 tours of duty with WWE (1984-5 with Barry Windham, 1993-4 as IRS w/Ted DiBiase, Sr.). Before Florida Championship Wrestling morphed into the current NXT, the brothers held the tag titles there. When Bo was first on TV, he looked like he could pass as an actor playing a Native American in a movie. Maybe that's why he's grown the beard. By aligning themselves with Miz, Bo & Curtis have one foot each out the door unless someone finally convinces Vince to let them be themselves.

Then again, Vince McMahon future endeavored common sense a long time ago.

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