Reaction Zone - Another team bites the dust (Or: A swerve to save embarrassment)

We were all led to believe that Kurt Angle was in some sort of illicit affair with either former boss Dixie Carter or one time crush Stephanie McMahon leading into last night's Raw. You can breathe easier knowing that isn't the case.

On the other hand, Smackdown's tag team division just took a big hit, and, of course, it's Vince McMahon's fault.

It came out that American Alpha's Jason Jordan is Angle's "secret son" from a relationship dating back to his college days at Clarion University. Already, it sounds better than the convoluted mess that was the Vince McMahon-Hornswoggle boondoggle of 10 years ago. However, American Alpha is no more, with Chad Gable now being pushed as a single, just because Vince wants it that way. American Alpha had their run with the tag titles earlier this year, but now Gable will be freed up to pursue either the US title (AJ Styles is the current champ) or the WWE title (Jinder Mahal) in much the same way that Jordan will be put in the mix for the Universal & Intercontinental titles on Raw.

Which begs to ask. Why break up a popular tag team? This is now three in the last two months (Golden Truth, Enzo & Cass, American Alpha).

The answer? Vince, as long as he remains in charge, will do what he pleases, regardless of what the audience wants. For now, we're spared the prospect of Angle reigniting hostilities with Triple H (Thank GOD!), but don't be surprised if McMahon still wants to go in that direction, regardless of how nonsensical the reason is in 2017.

Now comes another question. Shelton Benjamin is ready to return and try again to re-up with WWE. Does he go to Smackdown as originally planned? Or does he go to Raw, to give Jordan an experienced partner who knows Kurt inside & out? Let's see if that's the other shoe that drops.

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