Reaction Zone - Bad ideas are breakin' up that ol' gang o' mine

When Enzo Amore & Big Cass were called up from NXT 13 months ago, their valet---and Cass' real-life honey---, Carmella, was nowhere to be seen. She'd turn up three months later, drafted to Smackdown, where she's now part of the ridiculous "Welcoming Committee" stable, and saddled with a storyline boyfriend in James Ellsworth, who has suddenly found himself unable to wrestle because Uncreative won't put him in a match. He's just there for Carmella to leech off what little heat he really has, as well as extend his 15 minutes of fame.

Now, Uncreative is looking to break up the rest of the act, and it stinks to high heaven.

On the last two Raw's, Enzo has been ambushed backstage, and Cass is the first one on site to attend to his BFF. But consider this. Ol' Chairman Wackjob himself, CEO/Chairman Vince McMahon, what with his fetish for big men, wants to try out Cass as a solo act. Never mind that one tag team, the Golden Truth, has fallen by the wayside in the last month. Why break up an act that was one of NXT's hottest when they were called up right after Wrestlemania last year?

You know the simple answer by now. Vince McMahon is nuts. End of story.

The face side of the Raw roster is almost as thin as a 1-ply paper towel sheet. Which makes breaking up Enzo & Cass another bad idea. Carmella has managed to make chicken salad out of chicken shiznit, despite Ellsworth being relegated to a stooge who doesn't belong at ringside for a women's match anyway. Enzo by himself is not really a proven commodity. Blame McMahon and his houseboy, Kevin Dunn, whose wrestling IQ is non-existent to start with, for screwing around with an act that didn't need to be messed with.

If McMahon's problem is Enzo & Cass being wrestling's answer to a modern day, ah, Lenny & Squiggy (from "Laverne & Shirley"), he's off base. Then again, I've been saying that about McMahon for the last 15 years. Trying to blame the Revival, who've been sidelined because Dash Wilder is on the DL, didn't work, but saying Cass stabbed his little buddy in the back to get ahead shouldn't work. Uncreative doesn't know how to write sufficient endings to these storylines, and we might as well prepare for the worst.

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