Reaction Zone - If she isn't ready for prime time, she shouldn't be in prime time

We've seen this happen before with male wrestlers, so the stall tactics employed by WWE Uncreative with Eva Marie are nothing new, just a variation on a stupid idea.

After being drafted to Smackdown, despite critics repeatedly noting the fact that she has all the ability of a broken sponge, Eva Marie's 1st match since the draft has been delayed twice in a row. First, it was a worked knee injury. This week, a wardrobe malfunction.

When Johnny Curtis was repackaged as Fandango three years ago, he refused to wrestle unless the ring announcers got his name right (pronounced Fahn-dahn-go). After beating Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, Fandango hasn't had another signature win.

About three years prior, Damien Sandow was introduced as the "intellectual savior of the masses", and refused to compete at first because of the lower level of competition. We all know how his story ended in WWE.

So why delay Eva Marie's return?

As with the others mentioned above, she is being repackaged as a heel, and these minor missteps delaying her match with Becky Lynch are meant to delay the match to Summerslam. That should not be allowed to happen, but Vince McMahon being what he is, that's how it's going to play out.

My message is this. If Eva is being rushed forward while not yet completing her training (Brian Kendrick is her coach), then she should be sent back down to NXT for further, ah, seasoning before she finally is recalled and re-debuts. What Uncreative is doing now is doing both Eva and the audience a major disservice. I'd go with the Jessica Rabbit look, which, oh, by the way, Taeler Hendrix is rocking in Ring of Honor, and leave it go at that. If Miz didn't arrange for his wife, former women's champ Maryse, to return as his valet, Eva would be a perfect match for him. They deserve each other.

Becky's having it worse, by the way, having to put over Alexa Bliss instead of the inevitable job to Eva, when Alexa could've gotten the jobber squash that American Alpha, Nia Jax, and Braun Strowman have had the last couple of weeks. If Vince is involved in the creative process for Smackdown, what does he have against Becky?

Yeah, one more reason to get Vince to retire, and let Triple H be the head guy for both shows behind the scenes. Things can only get better. And if someone can tell me who is the announcer for Eva's recorded intros, we'll all be happier.

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