Reaction Zone - It's time to cut the cord

In the run-up to Roman Reigns' match vs. John Cena at No Mercy, to take place on September 24, Reigns, the critics say, has been pwned on the mic by Cena. Recall that right before Wrestlemania back in the spring, Cena took the Miz's best verbal blasts, and gave it right back to him with interest. And, then, Cena went out and backed it up, as he & Nikki Bella beat Miz & Maryse.

His recent beatdown at the hands of Kevin Owens aside, Vince McMahon needs to see that Reigns, three years after the Shield's initial, ill-advised split, isn't anywhere close to being a promo master, not even on the order of his cousin, the Rock. The fan apathy is even worse than before Rock's 1st heel turn 20 years ago. We live in an age now where Joe Fan knows more about what the company needs than its owner does, and that is embarrassing. McMahon has his head in the sand creatively, and has for the last 15 years. He has, however, gradually weaned himself off his big man fetish, as witnessed by the sudden depush of Baron Corbin over the summer.

You might think McMahon is insisting on pushing Reigns and his other cousin, Nia Jax, as a favor to Rock, but he needs to see that neither one is really ready to be the standard bearers for their respective divisions. Uniting them as heels might be a solution that needs to be explored yesterday. Otherwise, it's time to move Roman back down the ladder, or, complete the reunion of the Shield, and bring back the triple powerbombs to some deserving heels (i.e. Miz and his minions), and leave Roman in the midcard, but just far enough away from the main event, such that Uncreative can finally figure out how to correct the mistake that has been ongoing for three years.

Do I think Reigns would beat Cena at No Mercy? Absolutely, since Cena is at the point in his career where he would willingly put someone over that needs it. Supposedly, Cena is going away again to make another movie, plus cheer on Nikki on "Dancing With The Stars", depending on how far she gets in the competition. That said, this should be a 1-&-done feud, a passing of the torch that doesn't need to wait 'til the next Wrestlemania. Rock, you'll recall, put Brock Lesnar on the map 15 years ago at Summerslam, then, Rock & Mick Foley put Randy Orton & Batista over at Wrestlemania 20. Cena not only can make Reigns look like a million bucks at No Mercy, but he can launch the reclamation project for Reigns that is long overdue.

We'll just see what happens.

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