Reaction Zone - It's way past time to leave the Attitude Era behind

WWE ratings are down on Monday nights, with no sign of a reversal just yet. Rather than do the predictable and return to television himself, Vince McMahon has decided to at the very least tease dredging up an old Attitude Era angle, circa 2000.

That's one of the options being tossed around to resolve the mystery surrounding current Raw GM Kurt Angle come the next Raw on July 17. Remember when Kurt was swooning over Stephanie McMahon, back when she was only married to Triple H in storyline? Vince wants you to think that this is at least a possibility in 2017.

I say, it ain't happening. More on that in a bit.

Another prospective girlfriend could be--shock of shocks---former TNA president Dixie Carter, who was interviewed for a "WWE 24" special on Angle on Monday. For all the times that Vince has practically ignored TNA as prospective competition, that hasn't stopped him from doing business with people associated with the company not named Jeff Jarrett. But.....Kurt & Dixie?

I say, it ain't happening. That would only push the numbers closer to the dumpster.

Color analyst Corey Graves has been the go-between here. Caught between being a reporter and whatever professional respect he has for Angle, he's been getting the same text messages that Angle has. Which could only mean a post-Attitude Era angle (pardon the pun) could rear its head again with new players. Remember that whole nonsense 10 years ago with Hornswoggle and Vince being his dad, supposedly? Sub Angle for Vince and Graves for Hornswoggle, and......!

Nope, not happening.

If Kurt is going to have a secret sweetheart, it may as well be someone on the roster who hasn't been used in a while.

Paging Summer Rae!! Why else, then, would Miz tease at least knowing more than he's letting on? He worked with Summer on one of the "Marine" movies. Summer hasn't wrestled in over a year between movies and injuries. This would be the avenue to bring her back.

This is what I'd rather they did, but the rumors insist that Angle and HHH are destined to meet at Summerslam, likely with Angle's job on the line. Vince needs to have a scapegoat to explain the poor ratings, and he doesn't want that blamed on his current golden boy, Roman Reigns, who's getting more hate on him than John Cena at his peak. Hence, a convoluted schematic to put heat on poor Kurt, who's doing fine as a face GM, as opposed to turning heel in the same role 13 years ago on Smackdown.

I don't really think anyone needs to see HHH, who's nearly 50, vs. 40-something Angle for the first time in more than a decade. That ship sailed along with the Attitude Era, but try telling that to Vince McMahon.

So, I'm preparing to be underwhelmed come next Monday. You should, too.

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