Reaction Zone - Looking in the mirror for blame

I didn't watch Raw this week. Between Supergirl & Monday Night Football, there was no room. Good thing I passed, because the reviews I have read since have told me all I need to know about the build for Lesnar-Goldberg II at Survivor Series next month (yes, the date has been confirmed).

Raw was in Minneapolis. Not just Vikings/Twins country, but Lesnar country, although he spends most of his time in Canada these days. Brock comes home with manager/spokesman Paul Heyman at his side, and try as he might, Heyman couldn't turn the crowd against one of their own. Reportedly, CEO/Chairman/Head Nutcase Vince McMahon was not a happy camper, and that's just being kind.

Well, Vince, what did you expect? You're better off being on the stump for your pal and fellow insane geriatric, Donald Trump, than complaining about something that was your idea in the first place.

Yes, that's right, Vince. This one's on YOU. Not on the Uncreative team you've assembled. Not on Stephanie, who at times, from what I read, is still being used as a puppet (which might explain why Triple H, smartly, stays out of the picture unless it's necessary) in much the same way JBL is on Tuesdays, speaking for you. It's on you.

You knew Raw would be in Minneapolis for the final show before Hell in a Cell. You should've known the crowd would be rabid for Lesnar, and, for that matter, Curtis Axel, who ended up falling to the hometown star curse that Raw has had for years. But, no, you have to have what YOU want presented to the audience regardless of how the smarter-than-you-think audience in attendance reacts. Haven't you learned that lesson from a zillion similar cases by now? Of course not. You just don't care what WE think. It's YOUR opinion that is more important.

Let's face facts. You're 71. Your buddy Trump is 70, and I'm surprised he didn't ask you to run with him for the White House. Then again, he's seen what happened when you sabotaged your wife's Senate campaign on the air 6 years ago with a lame skit. I'll give him points for that much. His speeches sound a lot like you're writing them for him, or at least Uncreative is.

Had Raw been in Atlanta, Goldberg country, with Lesnar in the final segment, you'd have gotten the reaction you wanted. In Minneapolis, it was an epic fail. Scapegoat all you want, but at the end of the day, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, you need only look in the mirror to see who's really the guilty party.

As Bruce Hornsby wrote 30 years ago, that's just the way it is.

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