Reaction Zone - The embarrassment of failure

If Rockstar Spud were in WWE or Ring of Honor, and was a heel, as he was at the end of his current TNA run (he may be back after all), someone might point out that he sounds a bit like the GEICO gecko, leading to some chants. Unfortunately, no one in TNA is smart enough to recognize that. Yet.

Unfortunately for Spud, and even worse, actually, is the fact that in his last two matches on television, he was put in a very embarrassing position.

Spud was one of a number of TNA talents invited to Matt Hardy's home in Cameron, North Carolina, last month for "Total Nonstop Deletion". Instead of getting a match that he richly deserved, like one against Shane Helms, for example, he ends up putting over Matt's 1 year old son, Maxel. B-to-the-iz-to the a-r-r-e, man. We know Matt's gotten loopy at the end of his career, and TNA is enabling this nonsense, but that's another topic for another time.

And, then, there was the first Impact of 2017, plausibly live in Orlando.

To be fair, Spud had entered "Tag Team Apocalypto" with Swoggle (formerly Hornswoggle), only for that duo to implode and lose, so Spud jobbed twice in one night. Back in the Impact Zone for the first time since that incident, Spud called out Swoggle, who has officially signed aboard. The last WWE Cruiserweight champion prior to last year (Hornswoggle was stripped of the title in the fall of '07, and the belt laid dormant for 8 1/2 years after that), Swoggle demonstrated some skills he wasn't allowed to use in WWE all that much during his time there (2006-16). Spud stalled, comparing sizes, and ate a spear. Swoggle then hit a standard German suplex, and used Finlay's old finisher, the Celtic Cross (Emerald Frosien), which TNA fans are familiar with, as Gail Kim has used it on occasion, to finish off Spud.

Disgusted, Spud cut another promo after the match and "quit". Something tells me he'll be back. If not in TNA, but somewhere else. Just so long as he doesn't call out a certain gecko.......

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