Reaction Zone - The whine of an angry has-been

While WWE is basking in the afterglow of Kevin Owens' Universal title win, tainted though it might be, on Monday, former head scribbler Vince Russo weighed in on his podcast, and the view just wasn't good.

In a nutshell, Russo, like his nemesis Jim Cornette, doesn't pay attention to WWE programming these days, and the fans that call in asking for his opinions are getting dissed when he colors the air blue.

And this guy is supposed to be a born-again Christian, like Sting, AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels, et al?

As we all know, Russo let the success he enjoyed working for Vince McMahon go to his head, took the money and ran to Atlanta, taking his BFF Ed Ferrara with him, and after WCW was bought out, conned another pal, Jeff Jarrett, into giving him multiple opportunities in TNA until Spike TV finally pulled the plug on TNA in 2014 due to Russo. This Long Island troll makes Mick Foley and Paul Heyman look like saints by comparison.

Well, this jaded, 50-something wrestling fan has just two words for Russo.


You're not watching WWE, Russo, so you have nothing to say, good or bad, and in disparaging Kevin Owens, a blue collar, regular guy if there ever was one, you're once again exposing the fact that you're completely out of touch, and have been since 1999.

Owens doesn't have the ideal body type to be champion, and that's actually okay. Neither did the late Yokozuna, and he's in the WWE Hall of Fame. Foley is a regular guy, too. Let's remember, too, Russo, that you're the jackanapes who ruined WCW by booking not only an actor, David Arquette, as champion, but yourself as well, and you, like Vince McMahon, had next to no workrate. Arquette, to his credit, looked the part of an athlete. You? Not so much. You're a fanboy who got drunk with power and destroyed WCW's credibility just by going on camera, looking like a punk who needed a butt-whupping, but never got one. Talk about selfish!

Kevin Owens is likely going to be Universal champion for the remainder of 2016, and into the first quarter of 2017. The reality is, and this is something you're lacking, pally, the WWE is better for it. They needed fresh blood at the top, and they got it. Yes, Triple H got involved where he didn't belong, but at the end of the day, it may have been him, and not McMahon, who put Owens at the top of the mountain. We don't know that for sure---yet.

Just for fun, I'd like to see them bring in a guy to be fed to Braun Strowman on Raw, and find a means to use the squash to send a message to you. Yeah, I know. You won't be watching, but I'm sure someone will make sure you get to see it. And if you don't get the message then, well, I'm sure there's a nice little room waiting for you in New York. At a place called Bellevue.

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