Reaction Zone - There have been worse champions

Some said that Enzo Amore was demoted to the cruiserweight division after his former partner, Big Cass, was put on the DL with a knee injury a couple of months back. That Amore is the WWE cruiserweight champion now is an indicator, again, of the disdain Vince McMahon has for the division.

Ten years ago, McMahon discontinued the cruiser title, with Hornswoggle as the last champion, but he didn't have the cajones to do it the right way. Instead, with 'Swoggle in a storyline pretending to be the half-brother of Shane & Stephanie, McMahon had then-interim Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero, a fraud as an administrator if there ever was one, strip 'Swoggle of the title for no other reason that "for his own personal safety". It was a BS decision then, and is now, looking back.

Because not enough eyeballs are looking at 205 Live on WWE Network, McMahon is crapping on the division again, this time with the asinine decision to put the belt on Amore, who was gradually turning heel as he went along, and completed the turn over the course of the last three nights. Yes, Amore took the heel's route by tricking Raw GM Kurt Angle into granting a no contact clause in his contract, but they'll probably get around that by saying that Amore didn't read the clause thoroughly enough, and that his arrogance will cost him dearly down the road. They're clearly setting up Cedric Alexander as the likely next challenger, although Neville rightfully is due a rematch, clause or no clause.

The real reason they took the cruiser title off Hornswoggle was because they weren't sure if he could look convincing enough against bigger opponents. There have, though, been champions in other divisions who've been worse, for various reasons.

Both WWE & WCW had women holding the cruiser title. WCW did it first with Daffney in 2000. Four years later, Jacqueline won the WWE version from Chavo Guerrero, Jr.. While Jackie had been fighting men all along, and had credibility, Daffney wasn't quite as polished at the time she won the title, and that was a product of the Vince Russo error in WCW.

So was the asinine decision to put the women's title on Ed Ferrara (as Oklahoma), in answer to Harvey Whippleman being a short-term women's champ in WWE/F. That Russo booked himself as WCW champ was in response to McMahon as WWF champion a year earlier, and just as lazy.

But, back to Amore. Cass had just turned heel on him before going on the DL. What happens when he comes off the DL next spring? Do Enzo & Cass get back together as heels? Does Cass go to Smackdown to join real-life love Carmella? Does Uncreative have even a clue what they're doing?

Here's an idea. Let them put the title on one of the women again. Emma's whining about not getting women's title shots, and......!

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