Reaction Zone - When will the story be told?

By now, you know that former NXT & WWE champ Seth Rollins crashed the party at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, calling out Triple H, who simply responded by quietly motioning for security to remove the self-professed "Architect" from the arena, but not without a fight.

Five months prior, the Cerebral Assassin turned on Rollins, and gift-wrapped the WWE Universal title for its current holder, Kevin Owens. We've never gotten a definitive answer as to why. Perhaps, beginning at the Royal Rumble, the story will be told, the way Vince McMahon wants it told, but is it how it's meant to be? There are so many theories.

One would be that Rollins "dropped the ball" way too often for The Authority's liking, prior to the July brand split. That would be understandable, as this would continue the narrative of Rollins being presented as a man-child.

On the other hand, and you wonder whether or not Triple H would want to go there, there's always the possibility that there might've been something hidden under the surface as it relates to Rollins and his "surrogate mom", the Game's wife, current Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. With Rollins' rock star looks, you could conceivably imagine that, had Vince and/or the Uncreative team thought of it, they could've fostered rumors of a clandestine affair between the Billion Dollar Princess and Rollins. Far fetched, I know, but the shocked expression on Stephanie's face the night Owens won the title---with her husband's help---would speak plenty of volumes.

Personally, I'd go with option A, the "What have you done for me?" defense, which would add a layer to Rollins as a reclamation project as a babyface. Given the familial theme of WWE as a whole, the infidelity angle is still possible, but a lot less likely than it would've been, say, a year and a half ago.

I'm not a Seth Rollins fan, but I have submitted that he has been miscast since turning on the Shield 2 1/2 years ago for personal career gains, and presented as a spoiled child clinging to his "surrogate parents" for support in time of trouble. There comes a point for any parent where the child needs to leave the nest, and, as HHH & Stephanie's daughters are getting older, and soon won't need a nanny or babysitter to care for them while their folks are at work, it can be said that Hunter could use that analogy to explain himself, although you can't cast Kevin Owens in the same light, because that would demean his title reign, as if having Chris Jericho as a human remora hanging around him wasn't doing that already.

We'll just see how it plays out. Just bear in mind that the theories I've presented could be the ones Uncreative ultimately works with. I'll see the royalty checks around the 12th of Never, of course.

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