Reaction Zone - You can't reward a delusion

The way I see it, Michael "The Miz" Mizanin is being treated like a pampered pet, a spoiled child who just has to have his way.

Miz clearly wanted no part of a confrontation with Shinsuke Nakamura upon the latter's debut on Smackdown last month, so, as part of the "superstar shakeup" a week later, Miz and wife Maryse moved to Raw, trailed by Intercontinental champ Dean Ambrose. Because of Miz's media connections, he is going to be kept above the mid-card, but after more than a decade, he is a stale act, the failed babyface run a few years ago a distant memory. The clock has turned back to 2010 and his Money in the Bank-WWE title run. Maryse is simply a more alluring distraction than Alex Riley.

Then comes the mind-bogglingly stupid Uncreative decision to leave Kurt Angle stateside and have Ambrose & Miz act like WWE's version of Bugs Bunny (Ambrose) & Daffy Duck (Miz) in London. Miz, being the 1950's-'60's model Daffy, the craven coward, will get his shot at the IC title on the next Raw despite losing to Finn Balor, but then Ambrose lost, too, to Bray Wyatt, thanks to guess who?

Ever since he stopped being the "host" of Smackdown and started wrestling on WWE-TV, Miz has been a 1-trick pony, a self-absorbed, spoiled brat of an egomaniac, but because Michael Mizanin is enough of a company man, willing to do all those media interviews to promote the company, Vince McMahon trusts him enough, such that he'll keep putting the IC title on him. However, at this point, Miz doesn't deserve to be rewarded for what happened last night. Not at all.

Here's how I'd book it for next week (Uncreative take note):

Start with the Ambrose Asylum. Angle is the guest, and Kurt is understandably pissed at Miz for abusing the power that was given to him. Miz has to earn his title match the honest way, and so the title bout is delayed until Extreme Rules on June 4. Instead, Miz & Ambrose are on opposite sides of a tag match-Miz & Wyatt vs. Ambrose & Balor. If Miz can pin Ambrose, he can name the stipulation for the title match, otherwise Ambrose will name the stip.

Balor & Ambrose win the match, with Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on Miz. Ambrose decides to have a steel cage match. Maryse, however, is not allowed to interfere, because, as Ambrose tells Miz, "you have to show me you can win on your own, because you haven't done a good enough job of that lately".

At Extreme Rules, Ambrose retains. Miz moves back down the card, as the ratings reveal the truth. He hasn't moved the numbers on Monday like he thought he did on Tuesdays.

Ambrose deserves a better opponent for the IC title, but can Uncreative and Vince McMahon find that opponent? Lord only knows.

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