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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: December 21, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. The Mack def. P. J. Black, Jeremiah Crane, & Cage.

2. LU title: Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star.

Detailed Results
The Battle of the Bulls finals leads off this week's show.

1. Cage vs. The Mack vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. P. J. Black.

Good opener. Were it not for the title match being the other bout on the card, this could've been the main event. It's even at first, but, then, Texano, Jr. shows up and gives Cage a receipt for 2 weeks ago. He has his bullrope wrapped over his hand, and clocks the Machine, who then eats a Stunner, a Crane Kick, and a springboard 450 before Black picks up the pin.

With the necessary storyline advancement out of the way, we move on. Crane hits the Cranial Contusion (Jay Driller) on Black, who rolls out of the ring. That leaves Crane alone with Mack, who hits a top rope stunner, and the newbie is the next to go.

Before the announcers can even begin to wonder if Black would lay down for Johnny Mundo if he were to win, the South African tries a stunner of his own, but Mack no-sells, and hits the stunner. Black sells it the way guys like The Rock & Scott Hall did last decade. Ballgame.

Winner: The Mack.

Backstage somewhere, Aerostar & Fenix are looking for the missing Drago, who was abducted last week by Kobra Moon, Lord Pindar, and Vibron. The Reptile tribe shows up, and Kobra claims that Drago will reunite with his former tribesmen soon. A fight breaks out and leaves the remaining trios champ laid out.

Mack celebrates with Sexy Star. I swear, the only thing they haven't tried is having these two make out. Mack is the closest thing Sexy has to a beau, you'd think.

Crane pays a visit to Dario Cueto, the latter making his only appearance of the night, and retrieves something he left in the ceiling as a child long ago. He then crosses paths with Catrina. Seems it'll be Crane-Mil Muertes next week, and Crane even refers to Muertes by his birth name, Pasquale Mendoza. Is there a hidden history here that Ivelisse doesn't know about?

2. Lucha Underground title: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star.

They had to have this in a cage, but that turns out not to be the solution to Sexy's problems with Mundo. Sure, the rest of Worldwide Underground are barred from ringside. Black's selling the last match anyway, so that's no biggie, though one would've expected Taya or Jack Evans to try to circumvent the stips. Very even, surprisingly, but the difference is Mundo again taking a shortcut. He pulls Sexy's mask off, forcing her back to the canvas to retrieve it, and Mundo escapes the cage like the coward he is.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

In Lucha Libre matches in Mexico, from what I've read, if you take your opponent's mask off him/her in the middle of a match, that's a DQ. Since there are no DQ's in cage matches, Mundo's safe for now. However, Mack greets him at the top of the stairs with a stunner.

Drago is chained up and Kobra taunts him. She leaves, and Drago's breathing fire as we fade out.

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