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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: February 3, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Johnny Mundo def. Killshot.

2. The Mack def. P. J. Black.

3. Non-title: Pentagon, Jr. & Prince Puma def. the Disciples of Death when Pentagon pinned Trieste.

Detailed Results
We open with the obligatory recaps. Somewhere in the temple, Prince Puma is lifting weights when he is joined by Pentagon, Jr.. Pentagon, speaking in Spanish, tells Puma that they are partners tonight in a handicap match against the trios champions, the Disciples of Death, punishment, no doubt, for their actions following the title match last week. They fight for a bit before Puma leaves Pentagon to contemplate the future, only because Pentagon has targeted Puma for a future match.

1. Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot.

I'll say it right now, and will every week for the rest of the season. Air traffic control has to be on full alert for all matches in the temple. Some fans are chanting for Johnny, who still gets some boos. His win at Ultima Lucha is glossed over without mentioning his opponent that night, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio), who of course, left the company. An accidental bump of ref Rick Knox enables Mundo to hit a unique low blow as Killshot leapfrogs over the top. Flash kick sets up End of the World. Good night.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

Post-match, Mundo cut a promo on Mil Muertes, only to be interrupted by Cage, who does the same. Seems these two are on a collision course. Another brief scrum starts, only for Mundo to bail after a cheap shot failed to get Cage off his feet.

Somewhere in LA, Marty Martinez is holding Sexy Star prisoner, but promises that he and his "sister" will accompany Sexy when she returns to the temple. Seems they've given Sexy a fear of.....butterflies? "Silence of the Lambs", this ain't, and The Moth is mucho loco.

P. J. Black, formerly Justin Gabriel in WWE from 2010-14, is showcased in a video. Beats up a couple of goofs in front of a hotel gas station. He's up next.

2. P. J. Black vs. The Mack.

Remember when Willie "The" Mack & Killshot arrived with Big Ryck (Rycklon Stephens), only for Ryck to turn heel? Yeah, Ryck's gone, too, so they've dropped the idea of Mack being Ryck's cousin. More than once, Matt Striker referred to Mack as Willie, figuring we know who he is anyway. Even tosses in some references for fans of Southern wrestling, circa the 70s and 80s, name dropping Norvell Austin and Porkchop Cash, as well as former South African Presidents Peter Botha & F. W. DeClerc. Black is billed as Darewolf, which Matt defines to Vampiro as a hybrid of a daredevil and a werewolf. Mack hit a standing moonsault for 2. Black hit a blue thunder bomb, called Black to the Future, and a top rope moonsault, both for 2. Went for the 450, but Mack rolled out of the way. Black hit a corner splash and rolled over the top. Back to the top rope, but the Darewolf flies right into a stunner. Stone Cold Steve Austin would've been proud.

Winner: The Mack.

Another newcomer, Cobra Moon, debuts next week.

3. Non-title: The Disciples of Death (w/Catrina) vs. Pentagon, Jr. & Prince Puma.

The story of this match was how Puma & Pentagon would co-exist. As we've seen before, Pentagon doesn't play well with others. Vampiro kept getting agitated when Matt asked him about Pentagon, referencing the medicine from last week. The trios champs, of course, had cohesion on their side, plus Catrina and her stone of death, but there would be no lick of death tonight. Puma hit the 630 on Trieste, but was unaware of a blind tag by Pentagon, and as Puma bounced off his foe, Pentagon moved in for the pin.

Winners: Pentagon, Jr. & Prince Puma.

The two fought again after the match, but Pentagon bailed as he was unable to break the former champ's arm.

Somewhere, the new Dragon Azteca is being introduced to us as a familiar voice speaks to him. That voice belongs to......Rey Mysterio, Jr.. Rey-Rey is back! Now, it's going to get interesting.

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