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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: January 4, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Sexy Star def. Mariposa.

2. The Reptile tribe def. the Rabbit tribe when Drago, subbing for Kobra Moon, pinned Saltador.

3. Non-title: Johnny Mundo def. The Mack due to a low blow and a distraction from PJ Black & Jack Evans.

Detailed Results
Let's skip past the usual video montage.

Mil Muertes is trying to figure out how Prince Puma could possibly be alive. Catrina tells him about Vampiro's involvment. Uh-oh.....!
Catrina then leaves and runs into Jeremiah Crane, who's bragging about his upset win over Muertes last week. Turns out he was wrong about the relationship between Muertes and Catrina.......

1. Sexy Star vs. Mariposa.

Matt Striker's having visions of the 80's cartoon, "She-Ra, Princess of Power", seeing Sexy carrying a staff to the ring. Too bad "Beat The Geeks" was cancelled a long time ago, well before Matt made the national scene, otherwise, he'd be on that show. Digressing. This wasn't close to the "No Mas" match in season 2, but it sent a message. Sexy is pissed off over losing the title, and the spiders are not helping. However, I think she targeted the wrong person. Mariposa was all but squashed, with the hope spot coming when she teased her butterfly effect finisher. Sexy finishes it with a double foot stomp (Warrior's Way) to the gut.

Winner: Sexy Star.

As Sexy leaves, Marty Martinez comes down to console his "sister", then turns on her, leaving her lying after a chokeslam.

Now, you have to ask yourself this question. If Mariposa was telling the truth, and it wasn't her leaving the spiders, then who was it? Was it Marty, looking to start another fight with Sexy? Or someone else?

Of course, Matt might know someone from his WWE days who also has an interest in spiders.......

The Rabbit tribe meets Mascarita Sagrada, convinced he is their leader. Seems to me that there are some subliminal drug references here. Where's Rob Van Dam? This is tailor-made for him! Sagrada, though, dismisses the Rabbits as crazy. Got that right.

2. The Rabbit tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte, and Saltador) vs. The Reptile tribe (Kobra Moon, Pindar, & Vidora).

Kobra gets lazy and decides that Drago, whom she is holding as a prisoner, chained at the neck, will substitute for her. Speaking of drugs, I think Drago's been dragooned into working with the reptiles. Battle instincts kick in, and he fits in seamlessly with Pindar & Vidora, who still gets the "Luchasaurus" chants from the crowd. Vidora hit the tombstone on London, but Saltador is legal, and Drago finishes him off with a running blockbuster.

Winners: The Reptile tribe.

Post-match, Vidora & Pindar continue their assault, but then the other 2/3 of the trios champs, Fenix & Aerostar, show up. Drago is left behind to leave with them. If you know your comic books, and Matt certainly does, you know where this is going.......

Sexy & The Mack meet backstage. Mack's going it alone against Johnny Mundo, but as he finds out from a subsequent meeting with Dario Cueto, the title match has been postponed, as Johnny is stalling. The winner names his stipulation. And here's where the creative team gets in trouble.............

3. Non-title: Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack.

Like Mariposa earlier, Mack barely gets any offense in and is all but squashed. Just when it looks like he has Mundo beaten, PJ Black & Jack Evans come down and hop on and off the apron to distract Marty Elias. Mundo with a low blow and a schoolboy for the cheap, illegal win.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

Post-match, after a continued beatdown that should've cost Mundo the match via reverse-decision DQ, Mundo cuts a promo by fat-shaming Mack, and says the title match will be "all night long".

This is wrong. I'll tell you why in the Reaction Zone.

Meanwhile, Muertes comes through the crowd, grabs Vamp, and throws him into the ring after Mundo and his dirtbag squad leave. Prince Puma comes down, but Vamp motions for him to stop. He eats a flatliner, and Muertes leaves Puma to attend to Vamp to end the show.

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