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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: June 1, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Son of Havoc def. Daga.

2. LU trios titles: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, & PJ Black def. Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., & Prince Puma-DQ.

3. LU title: Matanza Cueto def. Cage.

Detailed Results
1. Daga vs. Son of Havoc.

Air traffic control should be on full alert for the first two matches. Anyway, What should've been the best match on the card has a little sidebar added to it in the form of Kobra Moon, who is smitten with Daga. She deferred to him a couple of weeks back in a match, but now the masked hottie finds Daga just flat irresistible. Unfortunately, it's a 1-sided relationship for now. Daga loses focus, Son of Havoc thwarts Kobra's attempt at interference, then hits the shooting star press.

Winner: Son of Havoc.

Post-match, Kobra clings to Daga's left leg, but he wants nothing to do with her. At least, not now.......

[Not sure if I really like the change in Kobra's character.]

Rey Mysterio has a problem. Dragon Azteca, Jr. wants Matanza, but Rey reminds that the mission isn't about revenge just yet. They have a chance to regain the trios titles. Prince Puma joins them, and says whatever affects them affects him, too.

[Puma's coming out of his shell with these skits. Konnan wouldn't let him talk last season, but he's found his voice.]

2. Trios title: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, & PJ Black (w/Taya) vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., & Prince Puma.

It's too bad the rest of the season's already in the can, otherwise my message to the producers would be to get rid of Taya, preferably yesterday. She cheapens Mundo's character more than Melina ever did, if that's even possible. Obviously, Dario Cueto doesn't care about what happened to Fenix, otherwise, you'd see something else take place to address just how Mundo got into the Evans/Black camp.

Anyway, Taya's distractions prove to be too much for the ex-champs to bear, and Marty Elias can't help but explain that he can't call what he can't see. Oh? The announcers have a pair of video monitors, and if I was working in creative, I'd see to it that this would be employed as a tool for the referees, instead of the arbiters being used as gullible tools. After too many low blows go uncalled, a frustrated Puma, taunted by Mundo, gives him a receipt in the family jewels. Elias has no choice but to call the DQ, but if he bothered to check the replay, he'd see things differently.

Winners (?): Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, & PJ Black.

Azteca finds Black Lotus guarding Matanza. Of course, she has to lie, further frustrating Azteca.

3. LU title: Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Cage.

Best match on the show pits two athletic big men, and I do mean athletic. They take each other to Suplex City. Cage hits a standing moonsault for 2. Modified F-5, miscalled by Striker as a Lucha Destroyer (last week, the Steiner Death Driver was the Lucha Destroyer) for 2. One discus lariat attempt too many leads to Wrath of the Gods, and Matanza retains.

Winner: Matanza Cueto.

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