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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: June 21, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Cage def. Vinny Massaro.

2. Marty Martinez def. Saltador.

3. Pindar def. Mascarita Sagrada.

4. Fenix def. Mariposa.

Detailed Results
After the recap of last week's show, we find that love is in the air, and LU's new couple is Fenix and ring announcer Melissa Santos, which doesn't sit well with Marty Martinez, as the Moth has been stalking Melissa. It's not just flapping his wings during her ring intros anymore, folks. She's never liked that......

All matches are 1st round bouts in the Cueto Cup.

1. Cage vs. Vinny Massaro.

Protracted squash. Massaro is presented a plus-sized bum on the order of Steve Lombardi's Brooklyn Brawler persona. His best offense? An eye gouge. How did he train for this match? Watching old Three Stooges shorts? Please! Massaro makes the mistake of reaching for Cage's magic gauntlet, which only makes the machine very angry. One Steiner-driver later, and it's over.

Winner: Cage.

Post-match, Cage dons the gauntlet, and proceeds to batter Massaro further to send a message. Well, I was right. Cage can remove the glove for fighting. For now.

More hype for Mysterio-Mundo.

2. Marty Martinez vs. Saltador.

Salty's checkerboard costume seems to confuse the Moth, but given that the Rabbit tribe's W-L record is horrible, we know who's going over, don't we? Martinez repeatedly leers in Melissa's direction, giving Salty more than a hope spot. Martinez debuts a new finisher, a shoulder-breaker dropped into the Codebreaker.

Winner: Marty Martinez.

Meanwhile, Paul London and Mala Suerte still think Mascarita Sagrada is their King. The littlest member of the LU roster isn't digging, and stalks off.....

Marty returns to his quarters, and we find he's built a predictable shrine to Melissa, with a montage of photos. Mariposa interrupts the soliloquy to scold her "brother", claiming that his lust for Melissa is making him weak. Well, he's always been weak in the head. Mariposa faces Fenix later, with the winner meeting Marty in round 2......

3. Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar (w/Kobra Moon).

Protracted squash #2. Sagrada hit an elongated satellite headscissors into a huracanrana, but the bigger Pindar bides his time and finally wins with an inverted powerbomb.

Winner: Pindar.

4. Fenix vs. Mariposa.

Wardrobe budget needs to improve to fix Mariposa's butterfly wings. Just sayin'. Fenix is at first reluctant to strike a female, but eventually, he has to go on offense. Easily the best match on the show, and also one of the shorter matches in recent memory. Deserved more time than it got. Mari's offense mostly consists of kicks and slams. Doesn't get close to applying the Butterfly Effect. Fenix lands the Fenix (Michinoku) Driver to end it.

Winner: Fenix.

Marty returns to attack after, but Fenix drives the siblings out, and he & Melissa blow kisses to each other to end the show.

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