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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: June 7, 2017
Location: Los Angeles CA
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. LU title: Johnny Mundo def. the Mack.

2. LU trios titles: The Reptile Tribe def. Drago, Aerostar, & Fenix when Drago turned on his partners and joined the challengers. Drago pinned Aerostar.

3. Prince Puma def. Mil Muertes.

Detailed Results
1. LU title: Johnny Mundo vs. the Mack.

A sudden death match picks up where last week's Iron Man match leaves off. Naturally, Worldwide Underground can't stay out of it. Ricky Mandel & P. J. Black got involved, and Black paid a heavy price being sent through a table. Alpha Bomb gets 2. End of the World blocked. Taya comes down and keeps Mundo from being plunged into a stack of chairs on the floor. Instead, Mack goes into the chairs, and that's it, as in this match, falls count anywhere, and Mundo collects the fall.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

Anywhere else, Mundo would've been stripped of the title since he can't win a match without help.

Dario Cueto addresses the fans and announces a 32-man tournament for the Cueto Cup, to begin next week. And, at Ultima Lucha Tres, Mundo defends vs. Rey Mysterio.

2. LU trios titles: Drago, Aerostar, & Fenix vs. Vidora, Pintar, & Kobra Moon.

Kobra never gets into the match, refusing to compete. Aerostar is face in peril for virtually the entire match. Fenix tries to help, but eats a tombstone piledriver on the floor from Vibora. Drago turns on Aerostar with green mist, and joins the challengers. Triple team splash and while Drago remains champion, he now has two new partners.

Winners: The Reptile Tribe.

The last time a tag team champ changed sides was in WWE a few years ago, when Cody Rhodes turned on Hardcore Holly, and joined forces with Ted DiBiase, Jr.. This is worse, because once again, Kobra showed absolutely no inclination to compete. Breach of contract much?

Taya relays word to Mundo of the title fight at Ultima Lucha Tres. Johnny had been in the shower a long time. Ricky Mandel leaves. We learn that Black was injured. Mundo knows Rey from elsewhere (WWE, of course), and isn't taking him lightly. Can you blame him?

3. Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes.

After two screwjobs, you have to hope this Boyle Heights streetfight doesn't end the same way. The feud between Mil & Puma, you'd think, would've ended already, but nope. Mil hit a TKO on the floor. Puma is wrestling in street clothes. Hmm. After the 630, Puma plays to the crowd, and pays for it, as Catrina enters and hits him with the stone of death. Vampiro leaves the desk and gives Puma a brick. Muertes charges, looking for the Reaper's Trident (spear), but eats a brick to the head.

Winner: Prince Puma.

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