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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: May 25, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Joey Ryan def. Mascarita Sagrada.

2. Gift of the Gods title: Cage def. Chavo Guerrero, Jr..

3. Lucha Underground trios titles: Jack Evans, P. J. Black, & Johnny Mundo def. Rey Mysterio, Jr., Prince Puma, & Dragon Azteca, Jr. when Mundo pinned Puma after a Evans chair shot.

Detailed Results
After the usual video montage, we find Pentagon, Jr. is up and about, but Vampiro doesn't think he's ready. Hmmmmmm.

Since that, of course, was taped separately, the magic of videotape takes us into the Temple, where Vamp welcomes us to the show.

1. Joey Ryan vs. Mascarita Sagrada (w/Famous B & Brenda).

I get this feeling we'll see Famous B turn on Sagrada in due course. Why? Because the mini hasn't won a match since signing on with this goof. Ryan has a pouch where he stashes his lollipop, folks, so don't worry about it being spoiled by being in his genitals. Digressing. Protracted squash, as Sagrada got a hope spot and little else. Joey, who was pinned in the main event last week, comes right back with a win tonight after a middle rope tornado DDT. Matt Striker was right. Ryan didn't need that.

Winner: Joey Ryan.

Taya vidpack. Whooooooooopee. I'm not impressed, and she is no Ronda Rousey, I'm sorry. Ronda, or Miesha Tate, for that matter, would kill her. King Cuerno has Mil Muertes housed in a coffin in his home. Just another trophy? Not with that glass cover. Trust me. Mil will be free in a few weeks.

2. Gift of the Gods title: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Cage.

Better than you think. The crowd chanted, "Cage is gonna kill you!" at Chavo. We told you last week why Cage helped Chavo. This is phase 2 of the Machine's plan. Chavo hit a sunset bomb off the top to set up the frogsplash, but got 2. Hits only 2 of the 3 Amigos before Cage blocks the 3rd and hits the "Lucha Destroyer" (Steiner Death Driver) to claim the gold.

Winner: Cage.

Next week: Cage cashes in the Gift of the Gods to challenge Matanza Cueto. That was predictable, too.

Meanwhile, Officers Meehan (Joey Ryan) & Reyes (Cortez Castro) are in Dario Cueto's office. Joey finds the money, which is the evidence they need, or so he thinks. Unfortunately, Mr. Cisco shows up, and when he threatens to rat his partner out to Dario, Reyes is left with no choice but to "arrest" him. So much for The Crew.

3. LU trios title: Rey Mysterio, Jr., Prince Puma, & Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Jack Evans, P. J. Black, & Johnny Mundo (w/Taya).

Earlier, Mundo & Taya ambushed Fenix in the back. I half expected Fenix to return to get revenge, but it didn't happen. Ref bump. Uh-oh. Taya butts in where she doesn't belong. No shock, but when will the refs get a clue and throw her out? Low blows everywhere. Taya distracts the ref with a chair. Puma has Mundo pinned, but Evans hits him with a chair, and reverses positions. We have new champs again, but it is undeserved.

Winners: Jack Evans, P. J. Black, & Johnny Mundo.

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