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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: October 19, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Lucha Underground title: Matanza Cueto def. Killshot.

2. Drago def. Fenix & Aerostar.

3. Prince Puma def. Mil Muertes.

Detailed Results
After the usual hype roll, we find Vampiro trying to pump up Prince Puma, who wants none of it. Apparently, the Konnan influence from season 1 is still there. Vamp, though, predicts that Mil Muertes will die at Puma's hands.......

In the temple, Dario Cueto spins the Dial of Doom, and it lands on........

1. Lucha Underground title: Matanza Cueto (w/Dario) vs. Killshot.

Regardless of how over the challengers have been, they're being fed as JTTS to Matanza while they try to figure out how to get the title off him. Matanza attempts a tombstone off the middle rope, but Killshot escapes, and hits a basement dropkick to the knees. However, a late flurry falls short. Wrath of the Gods, and Matanza retains.

Winner: Matanza Cueto.

Post-match, a newcomer arrives. Seems Killshot knows him, and, as we discover, he's the guy who gave Joey Ryan that manila envelope to pass to Killshot, who gets laid out.

I'm told the new guy is indie star AR Fox, who will have a different name here.

The trios champs come down to the ring, expecting a non-title match. However, Dario's got other ideas. Aztec Warfare III will be on the November 16 show, and only one of the "Super Friends", as Matt Striker calls them, will advance by winning this three way, one fall, match.

2. Aerostar vs. Fenix vs. Drago.

The winner will be #20 in Aztec Warfare III. Matanza will be #1 and defend the title. Fenix, who was #1 in each of the two previous Aztec Warfare matches, is looking to reach the other end of the spectrum. Easily the best match on the show, because it got the most time. Way too much action to describe. It ends with Drago hitting a blockbuster-destroyer on an already wounded Fenix to advance.

Winner: Drago.

Johnny Mundo had spent some of the $100,000 he won from Dario in season 1, so he uses the rest to buy a Gift of the Gods title match vs. Sexy Star next week. Gee, what a shock.

Backstage, Drago, it turns out, belongs to the same tribe as Kobra Moon, or at least he used to. I guess we know now that Kobra may be looking for partners to challenge the trios champs. She can speak English. Too bad she's a heel. We think.

3. Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina).

Believe it or else, Muertes gets the jobber entrance. Doesn't deserve it. He hit the Reaper's Trident (spear) on the floor, but doesn't connect a 2nd time. Flatliner blocked. Puma rallies, and after having the 630 blocked earlier, hits it, and collects a receipt for Ultima Lucha I.

Winner: Prince Puma.

Somewhere, Rey Mysterio is meeting with Chavo Guerrero, Sr., who was known as Chavo Classic when he was in WWE more than a decade ago. Rey seeks Sr.'s blessing for a grudge match vs. Chavo, Jr., and it sounds like loser leaves town. Uh-oh.

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