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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: April 10, 2016
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentary: Kevin Kelly & Mr. Wrestling 3 (Steve Corino)
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. ROH tag titles: War Machine def. Rappongi Vice when Hanson pinned Rocky Romero.

2. Non-title: Kenny Omega def. ACH.

3. Dalton Castle def. Silas Young.

Detailed Results
Last show from Las Vegas.

1. Ring of Honor tag titles: War Machine vs. Rappongi Vice.

Why is a title match the curtain jerker? That's the way the show was put together, nothing more. The challengers jumped the champs before ring introductions could be made. As it was, this was a back & forth affair, as the challengers kept the pressure on. Unfortunately, War Machine proved to be too strong at the end, as Rocky Romero was left all alone, and ate Fallout.

Winners: War Machine.

Prince Nana & Donovan Dijak are out for a promo on Jay Lethal. Dijak barely gets started after some opening remarks by Nana, who was cutting a heel promo on the fans, before Lethal, with Taeler Hendrix bringing up the rear, came down, leading to a pull-apart.

2. Non-title: Kenny Omega (w/the Young Bucks) vs. ACH.

This is the first time I've seen Omega wrestle. Didn't need the Bucks out here, but since the Bullet Club is a reincarnation of the nWo, of course they'll hang around. One of the Bucks superkicked ACH on the floor while Omega had referee Tiger Hattori distracted, then Omega got the broom out to clean up a banana peel that the Bucks planted on the floor to cover their deed. Lame. ACH made a valiant rally, but the IWGP IC champ wore him down and finished him with the One Winged Angel (electric chair suplex dropped into a powerbomb).

Winner: Kenny Omega.

Kevin Kelly mentioned that Omega & the Bucks were the NEVER 6-man tag champs, but not anymore. They'd dropped the belts earlier on Sunday in Japan.

3. Fight Without Honor: Dalton Castle (w/the Boys) vs. Silas Young.

No sign of Beer City Bruiser. The Boys went to the back at first, but when their master was in trouble late, they came a-runnin'. Young powerbombed Castle onto two chairs on the floor in a sick spot, but couldn't close the deal. He sets up a table, but wouldn't you know? Castle backdrops him over the top, and it's Young who eats the wood. One Bang-a-Rang on a chair later, and it's over.

Winner: Dalton Castle.

Next week: Highlights (and some lowlights) from Honor Rising.

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