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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: April 9, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni, Kevin Kelly (Las Vegas), & Bob Evans (NYC)
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
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Quick Results

1. Damian Martinez def. Hanson.

2. John Skyler def. Curt Stallion.

3. ROH 6-man titles: Bully Ray & the Briscoes def. Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, & Silas Young to win the titles. Marseglia was pinned after the 3D.

Detailed Results
Part 3 from Las Vegas.

1. Hanson vs. Damian Martinez.

Last week, Ray Rowe was in singles action. This week, it's Hanson's turn. It's brought up, of course, that Hanson won the 2014 Top Prospect tournament, which is now a little more significant since the last two winners (Donovan Dijak, Lio Rush) have now left ROH. I think it's safe to say ROH dropped the ball with Dijak & Rush. Anyway, this was a battle of two very athletic big men. Martinez cleared the ring post on a tope con hilo, and I shan't be surprised if he winds up elsewhere within a year's time as well. Late in the match, Davey Boy Smith, Jr., who teamed with War Machine in a losing effort at the 15th anniversary show, leading to some friction, and lost to Rowe last week, comes to the stage. That distracts Hanson long enough for Martinez to connect with his South of Heaven chokeslam.

Winner: Damian Martinez.

Smith is looking for a fill-in partner with Lance Archer on the shelf, and Martinez may just be the guy, if he can be convinced.

Footage is shown of the Kingdom retaining the 6-man titles at the 15th anniversary show, but it was at a steep price, as T. K. O'Ryan went down with an injury. That would be the last thing Matt Taven needs, the irony being that when he & Michael Bennett lost the ROH tag titles to War Machine, he went down with an injury. Silas Young will replace O'Ryan in the title defense vs. Bully Ray & the Briscoes.

2. Top prospect semi-finals: Curt Stallion vs. John Skyler.

Skyler has since worked as enhancement talent at the last NXT tapings, so he's on WWE's radar, as is Sean Carr, who was eliminated in the 1st round. This was taped at Manhattan Mayhem, one week before the 15th anniversary show, with the finals, having been taped on April 8, to be shown in 2 weeks. Bob Evans takes over on color commentary here, and if Kevin Kelly leaves ROH for good, Evans would make a good partner full-time for Ian Riccoboni. Just sayin'.

Very even match, as was the case in the opener. However, Stallion's youth and inexperience proved costly, as Skyler went upstairs and hit Southern Salvation (Green Bay Plunge) to advance to a final round meeting with Josh Woods.

Winner: John Skyler.

Adam Cole promo. They ran the angle last week where he tried to "fire" the Young Bucks, but he has no such authority. He's pleading to return....

3. ROH 6-man titles: Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, & Silas Young vs. Bully Ray & the Briscoes.

I'm counting the days to when Brother Devon joins Ray in ROH. I smell Team 3D vs. the Briscoes before the end of the summer. Digressing. Taven & Young were arguing throughout the match. Remember, Young and the Beer City Bruiser were looking for a partner of their own to chase the belts, and Young paused to help his fellow heels. Marseglia, then, carried the offense for his team. Not that it did him any good. Ray did flip, flop, & fly. Where was Cody to see that? Anyway, Young & Taven were on the floor, still bickering, leaving Marseglia all alone to eat a deluxe 3D, and we have new champs.

Winners: Bully Ray & the Briscoes.

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