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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
Show Details
Show: ROH Television
Date: August 28, 2016
Location: Philadelphia PA
Commentary: Kevin Kelly & Matt Taven
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Keith Lee & Shane Taylor def. War Machine when Lee pinned Hanson.

2. Cheeseburger, David Starr, Tim Hughes, & Joey Daddiego went to a no contest when Punisher Martinez interfered.

3. The Cabinet def. Dalton Castle & The Boys.

4. ROH tag titles: The Addiction def. The Young Bucks when Christopher Daniels pinned Matt Jackson.

Detailed Results
Matt Taven fills in for Nigel McGuinness on commentary as we wrap a month of shows from Philadelphia.

1. Keith Lee & Shane Taylor vs. War Machine.

4 bulls facing off to see who owns the yard. Have Lee & Taylor's sneak attacks been worth it? Well, they do match the former tag champs move-for-move. The end comes when Taylor has Hanson on the top rope, raises him for what appears to be a suplex, but instead, hands him off to Lee for a sit-out powerbomb.

Winners: Keith Lee & Shane Taylor.

The fans show their appreciation by showering the winners with streamers.

2. Cheeseburger vs. David Starr vs. Tim Hughes (w/Bob Evans) vs. Joey Daddiego.

Daddiego hasn't been seen in too long a time. Hughes is a jobber. Starr is making his TV debut. Cheeseburger was the only one whose entrance was shown. BJ Whitmer is out on commentary, acting like a total goof. Has an X, drawn in magic marker, on his forehead, the way Kevin Sullivan did back in the day. Uh-oh, this can't be good, as even Taven, the heel announcer du jour, is creeped out. Sure enough, the lights go out. Punisher Martinez returns and lays waste to all 4 men.

Martinez is this generation's Purple Haze? Please.

Winner: None.

3. Dalton Castle & the Boys vs. The Cabinet (Caprice Coleman and the All Night Express).

This 3-man parody of Donald Trump is already grating on my nerves. Who's the genius that came up with this gimmick, anyway? Not digging the "security" entourage, either, though that'd be an easy way for Lee & Taylor to infiltrate for a sneak attack if they wanted to go after the ANX. Digressing. The Boys showed some fire (Taven called them Thing 1 & Thing 2, since their names have not been publicly revealed), but one of them ended up the designated jobber after a combination moonsault (Coleman), legdrop (Kenny King), and a top rope splash from Rhett Titus that missed by about 10 feet. Pathetic.

Winners: The Cabinet.

4. ROH tag titles: The Addiction vs. the Young Bucks.

Veda Scott on commentary, adding nothing to the scene other than misreading what is going on in front of her on purpose. Put her in a match, please.

The Jacksons don't have any backup this time, as they're playing babyfaces. Seems the crowd's more into the Bucks than the Addiction anyway. Fairly even match until the end. Kamaitachi comes out to distract. The Motor City Machine Guns return to cut him off. Couldn't use either Adam (Cole or Page) in this spot, as it would've killed the Bucks' face heat dead. Sabin ends up hitting Matt Jackson by mistake with a chair shot intended for Christopher Daniels, and Daniels pins Jackson.

Winners: The Addiction.

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