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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
Show Details
Show: ROH Television
Date: February 26, 2017
Location: Pittsburgh PA
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni, Bobby Fish, Bob Evans
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Adam Cole & Adam Page def. the Rebellion. Cole pinned Christopher Daniels.

2. John Skyler def. Sean Carr.

3. Tempura Boyz vs. Motor City Machine Guns never started.

4. ROH TV title: Marty Scurll submitted Donovan Dijak.

Detailed Results
First of four from Pittsburgh. Ian Riccoboni takes over on play-by-play while Kevin Kelly is honoring commitments with New Japan.

Christopher Daniels opens, but barely gets started with a promo before Adam Cole comes out to the stage. Cole holds Daniels' attention long enough for Adam Page to ambush. Frankie Kazarian sprints to ringside, and we have our first match......

1. The Addiction vs. Adam Cole & Adam Page.

Bobby Fish is on color for this one. Fish faces Cole on Saturday in New York, and the winner (Fish is SO sure it's him) gets Daniels in Las Vegas six nights later at the anniversary show. Standard stuff. Daniels acted as if his focus was strictly on Cole, and Fish pointed this out repeatedly. Daniels was face in peril for much of the match, but the contest ended with him as well. Best Moonsault Ever blocked, and Cole schoolboys Daniels for the win.

Winners: Adam Cole & Adam Page.

Seems to be some dissension with the Addiction, carrying into the break as Kazarian reams out Daniels in the stairwell.....

2. Top Prospect tournament, 1st round: Sean Carr vs. John Skyler.

Brutal Bob Evans takes over on color after Fish had departed. Skyler was last seen jobbing in a six-man squash loss to the Kingdom. Carr's from Binghamton, NY. Skyler's been repackaged, as they stress his work with the current, non-Major League Wrestling incarnation of the Extreme Horsemen, a group started in MLW 16 years ago by former ROH commentator Steve Corino. Decent stuff, ending with Skyler hitting Southern Salvation (fireman's carry dropped into a steamroller off the middle rope--Ken Anderson's Green Bay Plunge) on Carr to advance. Carr will be back, methinks.

Winner: John Skyler.

3. The Tempura Boyz vs. the Motor City Machine Guns.

Match never happened, as the Machine Guns were ambushed backstage. No camera footage, just Ian getting word through his earpiece.

4. ROH TV title: Marty Scurll vs. Donovan Dijak.

Two years after winning the Top Prospect tournament, Dijak finally gets a shot at the TV title, something he forfeited when he signed with Truth Martini, who was then-TV champ Jay Lethal's manager at the time. Word is that Dijak is the next one to leave ROH (Evolve-bound). What does that tell you about this match? Scurll smartly worked to cut Dijak down to size, even though Dijak did his fair share of flying, including a sweet corkscrew plancha in the first minute. Predictably, Scurll "broke" a couple of Dijak's fingers. The first time, it led to a chokebreaker (chokeslam into a backbreaker) for 2. Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes, but Scurll kicked out. Scurll locked on the chicken wing. Dijak made a bid to break the hold, but that's when Scurll broke a second finger, and Dijak tapped.

Winner: Marty Scurll.

Post-match, Lio Rush, who was scouting Scurll after beating him at a house show in a non-title proving ground match, confronted Scurll. The TV champ attacked. Oddly, the Rebellion came down and cleared Scurll out, but that brought Jay White and the Machine Guns, so figure the Rebellion were the ones who ambushed the Machine Guns earlier.

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