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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: January 31, 2016
Location: Charlotte NC
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, Mr. Wrestling 3, Nigel McGuinness
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. ROH TV title: Roderick Strong def. Masada.

2. Punisher Martinez squashed Colby Corino.

3. reDRagon def. Jay Lethal & Adam Cole when Kyle O'Reilly pinned Cole.

Detailed Results
From Charlotte:

1. Ring of Honor TV title: Roderick Strong vs. Masada.

The "King of the Japanese Death Match", Masada, a Texas native, is the next challenger in "Roddy vs. the World". Decent opener, as this is my first look at Masada. He caught Strong off guard with some mat wrestling early on, and stayed step for step with Strong, until he decided to pull out some bamboo sticks. Strong prevented that, but got powerbombed onto the bag before Masada exposed the contents. As Masada re-entered the ring after getting taken out late in the match, Strong met him with a Baisuke knee strike to end it.

Winner: Roderick Strong.

Post-match, Bobby Fish came out to continue his program with Strong. Some back & forth mic work, ending with Strong walking out, claiming to hate Fish's guts. Must be a North-South thing. Bobby's a New York guy, Roddy's from Florida. Meh.

2. Colby Corino (w/BJ Whitmer) vs. Punisher Martinez.

El squashola. According to Kevin Kelly, Whitmer took credit for entering Corino in the tournament, but in truth, Colby impressed ROH management at tryout camps to earn the spot. Should've stood in bed. Crowd adopted Colby as an underdog face, perhaps knowing what was coming later. Hit hit a somersault senton on the floor, but when he ran off the apron to try another, Martinez caught him with a powerbomb, and that was the beginning of the end. Sit out chokeslam ends it.

Winner: Punisher Martinez.

Post-match, Whitmer got a mic, and, at first, offered some encouragement, but when he didn't get what he wanted from Mr. Wrestling 3 (Steve Corino) at ringside, Whitmer turned on Colby and hit 4 straight exploder suplexes. MW3 escorted Colby to the back during the break, and his night was over.

3. Jay Lethal (w/Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix) & Adam Cole vs. reDRagon.

To be honest with you, I half expected Strong to come back out during this match. Nigel McGuinness took over on color. Roddy stayed in the back, which was a good thing, as the heels had enough support anyway. If you want to see Ms. Hendrix swap her dresses for her tights and boots, the ladies bouts are now YouTube exclusives. I digress.

Best match on the show. Fish took the heat, and at first, it seemed like Cole wanted nothing to do with Kyle O'Reilly. At one point, Fish nailed an exploder on Cole. The end came when Cole ate a Lethal Injection intended for O'Reilly. Exit Lethal, and Chasing the Dragon finishes Cole.

Winners: reDRagon.

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