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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: June 25, 2017
Location: Chicago IL
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni & Colt Cabana
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Jonathan Gresham submitted Flip Gordon.

2. Silas Young def. Bobby Fish.

3. Jay White def. Punishment Martinez.

Detailed Results
1st of 4 from Chicago Ridge.

1. Jonathan Gresham vs. Flip Gordon.

Alex Shelley is at the desk adding to the commentary. I guess he's doubling as a talent scout these days. Anyway, this was a very good opener. Last we saw Gordon, he'd lost to Matt Sydal, who's since left for Impact. Back & forth they went, and it seemed that Gresham might've been a wee bit frustrated at one point. However, he stifles a late rally by locking Gordon in the Octopus Stretch. Gordon taps.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham.

Post-match, Shelley leaves the desk, and cuts a promo putting over Gordon. He raises both men's arms as we go to break.

They tease the Marty Scurll-Adam Cole match, now available On Demand. Pretty much Cole's swan song.

2. Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young.

Speaking of swan songs, that brings us to the former TV & tag team champ, who is now with NXT, having debuted there on Friday. Last time, Young used his knee brace to score a cheap pinfall. This time, while it's not spoken, it seems Beer City Bruiser was banned from ringside to ensure a clean finish. Fish is looking for redemption in the same building where he won the TV title a year ago. Another even match. In the end, Young made it 2 in a row over Fish, this time with Misery (spinning TKO).

Winner: Silas Young.

They made it seem like this wasn't over, but who knows......

3. Punishment Martinez vs. Jay White.

They replayed White's promo to try to illustrate that White is bent on being a little more aggressive to offset Martinez. They really need to get rid of the "Punishment" tag because letting him be Damian would be enough to get him over as a heel with his gimmick. ROH, though, would be wise to sign Martinez to a long-term deal, since he's the kind of guy Vince McMahon covets.

Anyway, White frustrated Martinez all match. No chokeslam. White teased the Kiwi Crusher, but didn't deliver. His roll-up finish happens to be Kofi Kingston's SOS cradle.

Winner: Jay White.

Post-match, Martinez tried another ambush, but White wasn't having any of that as we fade to black.

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