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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: March 26, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni & Kevin Kelly
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. ROH tag titles: The Hardys def. the Briscoes. Matt Hardy pinned Mark Briscoe.

2. Dalton Castle & the Addiction def. the Young Bucks & Adam Cole. Castle pinned Cole.

Detailed Results
Kevin Kelly is back, but Ian Riccoboni remains the play-by-play man. Kevin's used to this, as he was similarly positioned in WWE back in the Attitude Era.

The Addiction open. Christopher Daniels, after a post-match promo had been shown from the 15th Anniversary show at the top, cuts another one, aided this time by Frankie Kazarian, who was, indeed, a Trojan Horse, infiltrating the Bullet Club. Essentially, this was to lull Adam Cole into a false sense of security, in my opinion. Kazarian gets a TV title shot out of the deal, having won a match himself that night.

Dalton Castle is out next. Castle is up next for Daniels at Supercard of Honor on April 1 in Lakeland, Florida. Unsurprisingly, Cole & the Young Bucks are out, and Cole is whining his way through "Story Time". A 6-man tag is set for the main event, which originally was going to be.......

1. Ring of Honor tag titles: The Hardys vs. the Briscoes.

If Matt Hardy's wife, Reby, is doing Matt's hair, she must've stuck his hand in an electric socket somewhere to get a 'do that looks like a flopped negative of a Bozo the Clown starter kit. No wonder he reinvented himself as being, in the words of no less than Jim Ross, pet coon goofy. Somehow, though, he's made it work. As we've documented over in the Reaction Zone, however, the Hardys can't use the full "broken" gimmick because of litigation initiated by the buffoons at Anthem Sports. So much for any acid trip jokes. Otherwise, this was about what we expected, though Ian & Kevin oversold the idea of a "dream match". A real dream match, in this writer's opinion, would be the Briscoes vs. Team 3D, but that's another story yet to be told.

Anyway, the Hardys tried Poetry in Motion on the Briscoes, but it was blocked, and Jeff was tossed back to Matt. Jay tried twice for the Jay Driller, but couldn't connect. Springboard doomsday device gets 2. Swanton gets 2. Finally, Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Jay on the floor. Mark tried a Death Valley Driver, but that was countered by Matt into a Twist. One Swanton later, and it's over.

Winners: The Hardys.

The Young Bucks returned post-match, and Nick suggested making the title rematch a ladder match. Easily done. With rumors that the Hardys could be headed back to WWE as early as Wrestlemania, the Bucks could be three-peating.

2. The Young Bucks & Adam Cole vs. Dalton Castle (w/the Boys) & the Addiction.

This was another trip. As they are wont to do the Bucks & Cole did the Rise of the Terminator in honor of Kenny Omega, who for some reason can't do a lot of US dates. However, there's a little back & forth between the Bucks and the Boys for comedy. Kazarian & Castle took turns as faces in peril. Of course, it got chaotic. The Addiction took out the Bucks, and Castle put away Cole with the Bang-a-Rang.

Winners: Dalton Castle & the Addiction.

Next week: Marty Scurll defends the TV title vs. Kenny King. Scurll was recording a promo when King showed up and issued a challenge, which was quickly accepted.

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