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Do you remember these quotes? Read some of the most memorable quotes, delivered by some of the most prominant wrestling personalities.
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"You've got to have a heart to be in the WWE, but its got to be black. Just like me."

John Bradshaw Layfield
"Hey Mark Henry, where are your gold medals? We all know that if Mark Henry won a gold medal he'd just take it and have it bronzed." Jerry Lawler
"Jake [Roberts] is feeling a little under the weather. He has bar-thritis. That's when because stiffin' a different joint every night." Jerry Lawler
"Jake Robert's wife is real ugly, but according to him that's nothing a six pack and a light switch can't fix." Jerry Lawler
"There's a counter for every hold and a hold for every counter, and a lunch counter for every person that you know Schivone." Bobby Heenan
"[On Sting] He threw a sucker punch. There's the sucker who threw the punch. Him the the Bart Simpson hair doo." Bobby Heenan
"It's very hard to get out of this hold, that's why you either have to scoot backwards, move forwards, or try to get up." Bobby Heenan
"Wrestling is an art form. I don't worry about those who don't get it; I worry about satisfying those who do." Paul Heyman
"Talking of first times Stephanie, I bet your first time was really memorable for you and the captain ot the football team .. and the basketball team .. and the softball team, the track team, the chess club and the pool boy!" Chris Jericho
To Bob and Crash Holly "As a matter of fact I could beat you two with both my arms and my legs tied. I'll roll down this ramp and score myself a 7-10 idiot split!" Chris Jericho
(To Undertaker) "You say that you're gonna take the Rock - the Great one, to the learning tree? Well let the Rock tell you that he'll gladly go to the learning tree with you. Then he'll pause once we get there, snap a branch off the tree turn that sumbitch sideways and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!" The Rock
"But you see for the Rock to win the title he's gotta pin Triple H .. which means-uhhh he's gotta beat the game-uhhh in the middle-uhh of the ring-uhh and he's got a two dollar slut for a wife-uhhh!" The Rock
"These people are like sheep, if you were to ask them, who would like hepatitis, they are all going to cheer." Santino Marella
"The WWF has cancer… because of Ric Flair. And the kind of cancer Flair gave the WWF, is the slow-eating kind of cancer. It’s not quick. I’m not gonna let Ric Flair kill what I created — me. The WWF is mine! I created it! I’m not gonna let Ric Flair kill what I created! Because I’M gonna kill what I created! I’m gonna kill it! I’m gonna kill my creation! I’m gonna inject the WWF with the lethal dose of poison!

If anybody is gonna kill my creation, I’m gonna do it! ME… and the nWo.”

Vince McMahon