AJ Styles On His Neck; RAW Attendance; Hogan Family Member In Reality Show

AJ Styles recently had the following during a podcast interview with Live Audio Wrestling pertaining to his neck:

"I would love to tell you it was a million bucks, but at some point, it's worrying me. I'm feeling pretty good right now and getting to the chiropractor and seeing what was going on. To be perfectly honest, I think I have to get adjusted and get adjusted a lot more. You have to take care of yourself and I took some time off. I went to the chiropractor and massage. That's stuff you have to do as a professional wrestler to keep going."

Monday's WWE RAW in Chicago drew 10,500 fans.

WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan's nephew, King David Hogan, is hosting a reality TV show called My Girlfriend Wants a Girlfriend. It's a competition with 16 bisexual women that compete for the love of David and his own bisexual girlfriend.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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