Eric Bischoff Reacts To Kevin Nash's Story About WCW's Efforts To Retain Him

During Eric Bischoff's recent shoot interview with RF Video, the former WCW President shed some light on well-documented happenings from within the company.
On shoot interviews, Legends of Wrestling Roundtable and Monday Night War episodes, former WCW and WWF champion Kevin Nash stated that WCW gave he and Scott Hall new deals in fear that they'd return to the WWE. The situation came about when WWE advertised that they'd be "bringing back Diesel and Razor Ramon."

As it turned out, the entire situation was a sham, as Rick Bogner, who was also known as "Big Titan" was brought in to play an impostor Razor Ramon, and Glen Jacobs, later known as Kane portrayed a fake Diesel persona. The two characters would only last a few months and according to Nash, Hall even offered to sell Bogner some of his old Razor Ramon gear.

Eric Bischoff disputed the story however, saying "this is the first I've ever heard of that," during his interview. Nash also claimed that he and Hall used the company's private jet to fly home after the ordeal.

To purchase the full Eric Bischoff shoot interview, you can clickhere. You can also watch a preview above.

Source: RF Video

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