Former WWE Star Launches Fitness Program

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks' Body Spartan has teamed up with the well known fitness company Beach Body and is now offering several of their products and fitness programs. Specifically of interest, Reks and his team are hosting monthly challenge groups where people can purchase one of the programs and get direct, one-on-one coaching from him and his team. Anyone who enters one of Body Spartan's challenge groups is eligible for the Beach Body prizes which include a daily prize of $500, monthly prize of $1,000, quarterly prize of $5,000, and an annual prize of up to $100,000.

Exclusive access to Reks' challenge groups can be found at this link. Just click "Start a Challenge" and select your workout. Reks' team will be notified and you will be contacted about the exclusive challenge group and one-on-one coaching. Questions can be directed to Reks through, Twitter or Facebook.

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