Torrie Wilson Dumps New York Yankee Boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez

New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that MLB’s Alex Rodriguez has been dumped by his girlfriend, former WCW and WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. The two had been dating for over three years and Page Six says that Wilson put a stop to the relationship because he doesn’t want to commit plus his ex-wife still plays a big role in his life. “Alex and Torrie would fight over his flirtations with other women, and he wasn’t ready to settle down again,” a source told the gossip website. Another source added, “Cynthia
[his ex-wife] continues to play a large role in Alex’s personal life and business affairs, even though she recently got engaged to someone else.”

Wilson remained in Los Angeles after the split while Rodriguez moved to Miami. Her famous ex-boyfriend was banned from the last MLB season for his involvement in a company which supplied banned performance-enhancing drugs to other players.

Source: Colin Vassallo

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