Michael Elgin Comments On Quitting ROH, If It's An Angle, More

Ring Of Honor announced on Monday morning that Michael Elgin will be returning to the company at this Saturday's ROH live event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. ROH wrote on their official site:
"Its public knowledge now, that due to clerical issues Michael Elgin could not leave Canada for a period of time. Ring of Honor officials and legal counsel quickly jumped in to assist in getting him back home as soon as possible. Michael Elgin has now returned to the United States and we are pleased to announce that he will appear THIS Saturday in Kalamazoo, Michigan!"

We reported that the situation between Elgin and ROH was smoothed over by Hunter Johnston (who wrestles as Delirious), who worked around the clock the last few weeks with Elgin to fix the paperwork issues. ROH apparently had major plans to put Elgin back into ROH's main event storylines starting this weekend until Elgin announced that he quit the promotion on Twitter later Monday afternoon.

"@ringofhonor I said this on our call, thank you for getting me back home," Elgin wrote. "But, an article doesn't fix lies and damage done. I QUIT."

There was apparently some miscommunication as ROH felt that Elgin agreed to appear this weekend, while Elgin said that he didn't. There are those in the company that believe that Elgin is trying to work his own angle and return at the ROH television tapings later this month in Lakeland, FL.

ROH has since removed the announcement of Elgin's return from their website. Elgin took to his Facebook page to address the situation and wrote:

I first want to say thank you to all the supporters out there, it has been my pleasure to perform for you.
I want to admit the quitting on twitter is a little childish but I don't want to be advertised for a show I won't be a part of.

I will give kudos to ROH for rushing to get me back home, for that I am grateful. I had numerous conversations with the company about all situations that have occurred and told them my stance. I was trying to be business minded and was trying to reach a full understanding that would allow both parties to move forward. Nothing was agreed upon and instead of trying to reach an agreement they announced me for this weekends upcoming shows.

I would not have taken to twitter in this matter as I have held my tongue this entire time. I feel everything that has went down is between the parties involved and no one else. In all that I just don't want to have people thinking I'll be somewhere I won't be.

I love professional wrestling, i have given almost 14 years to it and wouldn't change it for the world. It's my passion and what has drove me to become the man I am today. I love and respect Professional wrestling with the upmost regard. Thank you for supporting it and please continue to do so.

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