Bound For Glory Set, Photos, Team 3D Makes A Challenge

- There was a lot of talk at TNA Bound For Glory today of how Team 3D made a challenge to New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club, on a Wrestle-1 promoted event. Apparently there were two mentions of Bullet Club from 3D during the show. This indicates that Bully Ray's recent tweet on going for "other" tag team titles was referring to New Japan. There's also speculation that it could mean 3D is going to work for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling, which is working with NJPW.
- It was announced at the pay-per-view that Matt Hardy will be working Wrestle-1's November 1st event, which is the 30th anniversary show for The Great Muta. Alberto Del Rio will also be there.

- One fan in attendance at Bound For Glory said the show was good but there was zero reason to order the pay-per-view for TNA fans.

- There some fans standing in the crowd at Bound For Glory, which indicates a sell out. TNA's Bob Ryder noted on Twitter that the event was sold out. One fan noted that it was over-crowded. Below are photos of the crowd and the set:

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