Bully Ray No Longer With TNA Wrestling!

It appears that Bully Ray is gone from TNA again after his recent return. Bully Ray was recently brought in as the new General Manager of TNA by Dixie Carter.

Ray was not at any of the TV tapings currently being held in Orlando, Florida. When people started asking where Bully Ray was, the word was that he was gone from the company already. Per a source, Ray left after telling TNA he wasn’t happy with the current state of affairs with the company and believed it was better to distance himself from it. He was opening telling people the company was a "sinking ship" and he didn't want to be a part of it.

Ray was working on a per appearance deal (as most TNA talents are these days) and was not under contract with the promotion. How TNA plans on addressing this on iMPACT! remains to be seen.

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