Major TNA Announcement Coming This Week; Tenay Gets Former WCW Star On BFG

There were jokes during the TNA Bound For Glory commentary about Mike Tenay being Kaz Hayashi's "agent" because Tenay is actually the one who orchestrated getting the former WCW star on the card. At the TNA booking meeting for Bound For Glory, officials were trying to figure out who to put in the match with Joe and Low Ki for the X-Division Championship, in case Joe's shoulder had him performing under par, and Tenay recommended Hayashi. Wrestle-1 officials loved the idea, loved even more that Tenay even knew who Hayashi was and the decision was finalized to include Hiyashi in the bout.

Some of the TNA talents are expecting a big announcement, likely a new TV deal, in the next week. There's also a feeling that they still don't have a new deal signed as of Bound For Glory.

Source: F4WOnline

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