TNA Announces Themes For Upcoming PPV & Xplosion Tapings

TNA has announced the following Xplosion and One Night Only tapings schedule for the next few days. If you're attending any of these tapings and would like to help with spoilers, please e-mail me.

* Tonight at 7pm: Xplosion matches

* Friday at 1pm - Global Impact - US vs. The World PPV taping
* Friday at 7pm - Hardcore Justice PPV taping

* Saturday at 1pm - Joker's Wild 3 PPV taping
* Saturday at 7pm - Knockouts Knockdown 3 PPV taping

* Sunday at 1pm - Xtravaganza PPV taping
* Sunday at 7pm - World Cup PPV taping with Jeff Hardy's return

* Monday at 1pm - TNA Classic PPV taping
* Monday at 7pm - Gutcheck PPV taping with The Great Muta in action

Ross and Marshall Von Erich will be appearing at the tapings on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

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