New Episodes Of Network Shows This Week: Swerved, Monday Night War, Unfiltered

A new episode of WWE Swerved will premiere on the WWE Network this Monday night after RAW goes off the air. The description reads like this:

"R-Truth gets a lesson in gym safety, a frisky granny invades Axxess and Kofi locks the champ out of Extreme Rules."

Following Swerved, a 30-minute sneak peek of WWE's "Monday Night War: Shots Fired" DVD will air on the WWE Network, featuring Sting and Triple H talking to Renee Young. Below is the description:

"In this Network Exclusive, join Triple H and Sting as they sit down with Renee Young and discuss Monday Night War!"

A brand new episode of "Unfiltered with Renee Young" premieres on the WWE Network this Wednesday, July 1st at 4pm EST. She will interview 2015 WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger. Below is the preview:

"Renee's back! Join the Unfiltered host for an exclusive interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the cast of Terminator Genisys!"

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