WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy Talks Bond With Wesley Blake

WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy recently spoke with FOX Sports Australia to talk about becoming the first Australian to hold WWE championship gold. Below are some excerpts:

Making history:

"Being the first Australian to ever actually hold a WWE promoted championship — it is a huge honour. It's something that can never be taken away. Words can't describe it."

WWE scouting more talents from Australia:

"We have so much talent down there so it would be silly not for them to look at Australia. We have myself and also Emma (Tenille Dashwood also from Melbourne) tearing it up here. I believe WWE will be going back down there to get some future superstars."

Creating a bond with partner Wesley Blake:

"We started at the performance centre at the same time and from that day onwards we were joined at the hip. Wesley is my closest friend. You don't need lots of friends you only need a couple of good ones. It was very natural for us to decide to become a tag team because we do everything together and I think that shows in the way we work. We have a very good style together and gel together."

Source: FOX Sports Australia

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