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2xzone.com talks with Lance Storm on March 19, 2000.
Jason: This has to be the most famous wrestling "school," for lack of a better word, that anyone in the wrestling business has ever come across. That of course being Stu Hart's, Hart Dungeon. Tell me about your general experience there.

Lance: It hard to explain you have to experience it, it was very tough.

Jason: After attending The Dungeon, about how long was your run on the Independent Circuits before you were noticed by the higher ups?

Lance: It depends on what you consider the higher ups. It took 3 years for me to start making mu living in wrestling.

Jason: Which Indy Federation was your favorite to wrestle with, and who were some of your favorite wrestlers to work with?

Lance: The fed didn't matter, it was just who you worked. My favorites are Jericho, lynn, Finlay.

Jason: Soon thereafter, the ECW days did begin. How exactly did you come about entering Extreme Championship Wrestling? Was anyone in particular instrumental in getting you signed up with the promotion.

Lance: I just phoned them they phoned me back and I started the next day.

Jason: It's fairly well known that more than just an in ring friendship exists between you and Justin Credible (a.k.a Peter Polaco). How long have you two known each other? What brought you back together in the ring now in ECW?

Lance: I've known him since 92. When we were both in ECW we asked to work together.

Jason: You've already had some memorable feuds in ECW. The most memorable having to have been with Chris Candido a few years back. How did you feel working with Candido and the Triple Threat?

Lance: Candido has always been great to work with, he's very talented.

Jason: As if enough good things didn't come out of that feud, we also got the debut of your current valet, Dawn Marie. Was the sole reason of you and Dawn Marie being paired, the heated Tammy Lynn Sytch/Tammy Lynn Bytch angle? Or did you know each other prior to her signing with ECW?

Lance: I had never met her before that day at the Arena, she was brought in just for Tammy

Jason: The controversy of Shane Douglas in ECW is well known by all wrestling followers. We heard he had heat with Paul Heyman, left on bad terms, and now quite possibly is returning to ECW from what I am hearing. Is there any light you can shed on the Shane Douglas situation? and how would you feel if he did return to the promotion.

Lance: As long as I get to work with him, I'd be happy, he's very talented.

Jason: You don't at all seem like the type of guy to have many stories having to do with locker room heat, but were there ever any instances where you had heat with someone backstage?

Lance: Not that I know of.

Jason: Well shifting gears a bit to your in ring style. I get the impression that you are a generous wrestler, you don't put yourself on a pedestal, and seems to me like you've never fought over doing the job, as a matter of fact you were told to go over at one point, yet said that you didn't want to, but wanted to put Spike Dudley over. What went on there?

Lance: I just thought the show needed a baby face up so I changed what we were doing.

Jason: As you seem to be the type of wrestler who is in it for the business rather than for the fame and the belts, how do you feel about guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair who've had their glory days, but are so caught up in being on top of the world that they refuse to pass the torch to the younger talent?

Lance: I just hope I can have half the impact on the business that they have when I'm done.

Jason: What do you hope to accomplish, first and foremost, in the wrestling business before you call it quits?

Lance: I just want to make a good living and be remembered as a great worker.

Jason: Seeing how guys who are very similar to you in talent, such as Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn were treated in WCW, would you ever consider a jump to the Atlanta-based promotion if the opportunity ever arose?

Lance: I'd go anywhere if the offer was right.

Jason: Well I'm not going to take up too much more of your time. Right now I'd like to throw out a few names and you just give me your first reaction to them, and tell me a bit about how you feel about them.

Lance: ok

Jason: Paul Heyman.

Lance: One of my favorite bosses

Jason: Vince McMahon.

Lance: The most successful promotor ever!!!!!!

Jason: Jerry Lynn.

Lance: Really OLD!! Just kidding Great Worker.

Jason: Chris Benoit.

Lance: The next best thing to a healthy Dynamite Kid.

Jason: A guy who you spent time with early in your career, Chris Jericho.

Lance: Probably the greatest person I know.

Jason: Your partner in crime in the Impact Players, Justin Credible.

Lance: The best tag partner I've had, and that's saying something.

Jason: And finally, and I think most importantly, Lance Storm.

Lance: Just a Job guy!!!!

Jason: Well Lance, I really appreciate you taking this time out for us, we at 2xzone.com can't thank you enough and we wish you the absolute best in your career and much success in the future! Just a reminder, that everyone can learn more about Lance Storm at his website STORMWRESTLING.COM. Lance, again, this has been great and I hope to talk with you again in the near future.

Lance: Thanks.