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2xzone.com talks with Rena Mero on March 7,2000.
Jason: First off Rena, I'd like to thank you once again for taking the time out for this interview.
Rena: Jason, Thank you for having me.

Jason: Getting right down to business, we know you really hit it big in the wrestling business with the World Wrestling Federation, were there any small promotions that you have ever worked for in the past? Independent Federations? Independent Shows?
Rena: My first and only job with a wrestling company was the WWF. I started at Wrestlemania in 1996.

Jason: Other than the obvious occurrences in your last year or so, how did you find working in the WWF?
Rena: I really enjoyed performing in front of a live audience. I have some great memories from wrestling.

Jason: As I recall, your debut in the WWF was with Hunter Hearst Helmsley a.k.a Jean Paul Levesque. How did this valet position come about?
Rena: It was part of an angle to have Marc (my husband) feud with Hunter.

Jason: While we are talking about the beginnings of your career, how did you first break into the business? Was it through your husband? or was it a personal choice of yours?
Rena: When Marc signed with the WWF in 96' I accompanied him to his signing. When I met Vince Mcmahon he offered me a job at that time.

Jason: As you began to shy away from the valet scene and more toward becoming a wrestler, how did you feel about the transition? How did you feel about carrying the Women's Championship Belt?
Rena: I was very proud to be the WWF Women's Champion.

Jason: Well shifting the focus a bit to your husband, Marc Mero. How did you and he feel about his closing years with the WWF? He never seemed to get the push that he did back when he was 100% healthy. Any feelings or comments on that?
Rena: I think no one was more disappointed than Marc. He gave his all in the ring. His knee was never the same in his last year. Now that he's been off for over a year he feels like a kid again!

Jason: Back when Mark dawned the name “Wildman Marc Mero” you and he were playing the face role all around, things were always good on camera between you, however when he became “Marvelous Marc Mero” the heel role was put forth, and on camera there was some friction between you two. Who's idea was it to have Marvelous Marc suppress Sable on camera? And did that affect your off camera relationship at all?
Rena: It was part of the WWF storyline. We had no problem separating acting from our personal life.

Jason: I think this interview is going very well so far, so let me just throw a few more questions out for you. A few months back we saw you on a WCW Nitro telecast seated camera side, in the front row, most thought this was the beginning of Rena Mero in World Championship Wrestling. That didn't seem to be the case. Was there ever any talk between yourself and the WCW about possibly working for them?
Rena: I have never had discussions with WCW. I just happen to have friends that work there and they got me great seats!

Jason: At this point in WCW's existence would you ever consider entertaining offers from them? Or in any of wrestling for that matter?
Rena: If I ever returned to wrestling it would be with WCW. Right now I have a few projects I'm working on and hopefully my new show “The Consultants” will air sometime next year.

Jason: You seem to be making it well enough without wrestling these days. I believe you have a film hitting cable television soon called The Consultants, we all remember your appearance on Pacific Blue a while back. Are you trying to jump-start a career on the big screen?
Rena: Acting has always been a goal in my life. I have some upcoming projects including the TV series “The Consultants” and a movie “Doppelganger 224"

Jason: You seem to do great at whatever you do, and now you are taking your talents to the world of literature. With recent autobiographies of major wrestling superstars being published, you are the latest to be added to the mix. The book is entitled Undefeated and is available at your own website located at www.RENAMERO.com. There's a little plug for you, I hope everyone goes out and gets that book. But back to the question at hand, how long did it take you to write this book? What prompted you to do it?
Rena: I have read so many books in my life and realized that I have an incredible story. I have had many tragedies in my life including the death of my first husband and three of his friends. It's a very positive book. The true story of overcoming insurmountable odds and my struggle to succeed. I will have countless never before seen pictures of my life and career. How I went from poverty to the penthouse!

Jason: Well Rena, I really appreciate you taking this time out for us, we at 2xzone.com can't thank you enough and we wish you the absolute best in your career and much success in the future! Just a reminder, that everyone can learn more about Rena Mero at her website RENAMERO.COM.