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2xzone.com's Michael Barton talks with Romero Roselli on December 15, 2006.
Recently, I had the honor of speaking with Romeo Roselli after he completed his 1st ever tour of Italy, where he also became the NWE Heavyweight Champion, defeating Vampiro. Roselli, formerly of The Heartthrobs tag team of WWE fame, is now mainly a singles competitor wrestling for various independent promotions, and is one of the true class acts in this business, both inside and outside of the ring.

Michael: What was it like going to Italy?
Romeo: “It was an absolute dream come true. I have very strong Italian roots, and wrestling in Italy was always one of my main goals in wrestling. Most of my family was born in Italy, and have eventually moved to the United States. However I still have some family who lives there and I was able to see them and they were able to see me perform for the very first time, so that was extremely special to say the least. And to top it all off, it was my first time visiting my homeland, so the situation couldn't have been any better. Furthermore, it is a gorgeous country. And the last night of the tour, winning the Heavyweight Championship, you couldn't have written this any better.

Michael: What is the wrestling scene like?
Romeo: It was great. The arenas were packed every night with loud, enthusiastic fans. And we spanned pretty much the entire country of Italy from the north all the way down south to Sicily. Every show was electric. We worked in front of crowds ranging from 800-4500.

Michael: Who did you defeat for the Italian World Heavyweight Title? What was the finisher?
Romeo: I defeated Vampiro, which was an absolute honor. He is an experienced veteran and is legendary overseas. After several attempted pins, a referee getting knocked out, and an attempted belt shot to the face, he went for his finisher the chockslam, which I reversed into a victory roll type pin for a quick 1, 2, 3. And the wild Italian celebration began =). It wasn't like when we won the World Cup this past summer, but I'd say it was still pretty damn cool =).

Michael: What are your future aspirations for the Italian World Title as well as your stateside goals?
Romeo: I am looking forward to defending the NWE Heavyweight Championship against any and all comers. It is an absolute honor to be the new flag bearer for the NWE, and I am looking forward to becoming a cornerstone for the company and helping them continue to become the most successful international wrestling tour in the world today. I may be stepping into some big matches and even though I'm champion, will probably be an underdog in most matches, but in Italy, that's my house, and nobody's gonna come into my house and push me around. Especially with all the great Italian fans behind me. This is a little extra special and important since its in my blood. As far as stateside goes, I'm gonna just keep doing my thing and entertain to the best of my abilities.

Michael: Thanks for the interview, Romeo.
Romeo: Thanks for having me, and please feel free to visit www.RomeoRoselli.com and www.myspace.com/romeoroselli as well as www.nwewrestling.com