Reaction Zone - A shift in the landscape

For the 2nd straight week, Smackdown shuffled the deck for Survivor Series. Last week, it was AJ Styles relieving Jinder Mahal of the WWE title. This time, it was Charlotte Flair, in front of her hometown fans in the namesake city of Charlotte, NC, besting Natalya.

In effect, it would make sense, since Natalya had teased pulling double duty at the PPV, to have the two switch places, and Natalya would be on Team Smackdown in the women's elimination tag, while Charlotte looks to shut down the blasphemous Alexa Bliss, who is anything but a goddess in my book, but, rather, as noted last time, a poser.

However, WWE wants to make fans wait until Sunday, and that's because Uncreative is undecided about who would fill the vacant slot on the women's team, be it Natalya, which would make the most sense, or Nikki Bella (since fiancee John Cena is on the men's team), or Paige, whose return was delayed yet again after she went on social media without company permission after taking a pic with Raw captain Alicia Fox.

The money's on Bella, fresh from "Dancing With The Stars", rather than Natalya, simply because of "Dancing" giving the announcers something fresh to talk about in the match. Nikki hasn't had a match since Wrestlemania, and Paige has been idle for a couple of years due to various injuries and other shenanigans. Given that, I'd rather do a straight up switch and have Natalya on Team Smackdown to offset Nia Jax (since Tamina can't do it alone) in the power department.

Of course, it'd be cooler still if they really came out of left field and brought back someone like, say for example, Lita or Beth Phoenix, just to get people talking, and in Lita's case, to get her out of the broadcast booth, since that seems to be the only thing Vince McMahon thinks she's good for these days.

As for Charlotte, I'm changing my pick for the women's match. Someone has to pop a needle into Bliss' balloon sized ego, and seeing her tap to the figure 8 would be just dandy. Can't see Charlotte losing so soon after winning the women's title for Team Blue, so......! That's just the way it is.

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